The other day I was on the phone with my sister discussing house chores. I was saying how I was cleaning the stove and how that got me thinking on when will our family move to a more permanent place and I will be able to have like a real ‘grown-up’ home with all the fancy furniture and built in electric devices. We both are in our mid 30s and both live on rentals and all I can think of is that our parents in their mid 30s already had a two story house in the suburbs with a garden and a mower. But our generation, well it’s far from that scenario. And even though renting is perfectly fine, especially when you have small kids that tend to bring the place down, I would still love to settle at a place where you wouldn’t mind spending money on picking your bathroom tiles or the kitchen cabinets.
Tired from pinning yet another calacata shower on Pinterest, I did a bit of YouTube research with a splash of gossip – because celebrities!. Here’s what stood out. For me at least.

1. Liv Tyler’s New York NYC Brownstone

Truly loved some special pieces she has, like the antique mirror that was already there at the place when they got it. Oh and the curtains! I spent a fortune (in my standards) on curtains at IKEA and they are like ‘fake’ curtains, meaning that if I wanted to really cover the windows the fabric wouldn’t suffice! But Liv’s curtains are plush and long and rich.
I also loved the enormous playroom / living room, but somehow my kids would turn such a white space into a big mess, so really I don’t know what sort of skills Liv has on maintaining her house so neat and clean. Perhaps some spells she learnt on the set of Lord of the Rings?
Oh and the patio with the magnolia tree that blossoms and is visible throughout the floors. I was pretty jealous of that too.

2. Leni Kravitz’s Brazilian Farm Compound

I am a fool for anything with a farm and locally harvested greens. But also I totally loved the graphic walls with the palm tree pattern. That’s something that I would have never ever thought to put on my Brazilian Farm House, but it turns out just amazing.
Also the fact that he has huge frames of loved ones and family is something that got me thinking I should take more pictures of my kids with my real camera and not just my i-phone and actually print them. And frame them. And then have a simple and beautiful dining room like Leni’s and all will be fine.
Lastly: helloooo copper bathtub inside the master bedroom.

3. Jessica Alba’s Super Rich LA Home

Ok, Jessica’s house is your typically rich and unnecessarily huge house. But I am somehow twisted and I just loooved her laundry room. I mean two washers and two driers? Again, I should seek therapy, but that’s like paradise for a person who uses the washing machine like 4 times a day. Did you notice how she has neatly placed all the soap just above? And the baskets! My God those baskets with the name tags on them. That’s the kingdom of fluffy towels, freshly washed linen and everything in it’s right place alright.
Her fancy living room was also amazingly beautiful, but come on Jessica… you had the fireplace built just for the Christmas stockings?
I should also note that I would totally live or copy her children’s bedrooms and have it as mine (and my husbands – I am an adult) any time. Toys and fairy lights included.

4. Maggie Gyllenhal and Peter Sargaard’s Brooklyn Home

The tiles! The tiles! The tiles! Need I say more? I should include a picture of my rental’s bathroom tiles here, but then everybody would get depressed.
Note to self: when we move to our forever and ever house I will also have a sofa bed that has the dimensions of an actual bed. By that time kids will be old enough to go out on their own and I will be tired enough to veg out on Netfilx or whatever’s happening in the near future.
And then I will give a slow clap to the teak bathtub. But would never have one at my place, because I seriously don’t know what would happen to the teak wood if you put Cif and Detol and Chlorine on it.

5. Florence Welch is Marie Condo’s Nightmare 

I absolutely loved it.
Honestly, I could never live in her place, because I would Marie Condo the heck out of it… But! To me her house is an absolute reflection on who she is – or who us, her fans, presume she is. And that is the absolute goal when it comes to making your house a home.

6. Margot Robbie’s Cottage?

I am not really sure the cottage belongs to her or not, but she got interviewed there by Vogue, so perhaps it’s what a Margot Robbie rental would look like?
Even though you don’t get to see much in detail I say: lemons! water carafe! plates on display! Would also like to invite myself over for some G&T with the girls and feel happy and content over that tableware.
I watched a lot of 73 questions by Vogue and I have to say Margot was one of the most sweet and polite hostesses.
That is until I saw… the queen of Tennessee herself. Mrs Reese!

7. Reese Witherspoon

I can’t say something really stood out in Reese’s home, but I think out of everything I saw, hers felt like a home the most. Like it had a history to it and was not designed and decorated from scratch to look like a home.
Note to self: find a good iced tea recipe for next summer. Also note to self: trampoline.

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