The House.The Old Store.

The New Store.

When I was approached by TR2, in order to document the moving and evolution of their showroom, I was more than happy to accept, as I truly admire the theory behind this design and concept store. Aiming to revisit the basic values of today’s lifestyle, TR2 focuses on tailor made and exclusive items, which reflect the personal taste of the brains behind the project, Mr. Carabellas, as well as the client and are taking traditional or classic into a whole new level.  After a successful year in the neighborhood, TR2 is moving to Kolonaki, in order to provide more upgraded sevices through their brand new TR2 ‘the Kolonaki edition’ store.

This imatioθiki is following TR2’s course from Mr. Carabella’s residence, to the Thission Showroom, ending at the TR2 store in Kolonaki.

TR2 ‘ the Kolonaki edition‘ store will be open on March 1, 2012.

Some comments on the things pictured above:
The photophone is ceramic and need no electricity. You just place your i-phone on it and the music is heard loud and clear. / The floral bag is actually made of recycled old tents used at Athenian apartments, to provide shade in the warm summer days. / All the clutches and bags are made of cobra skin. / Skyros is one of the main influences of TR2. The handmade wood carved low chair and the carved olive wood shepherd’s spoons are made in Skyros and derive from traditional design. 

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