While -endlesly- browsing on my Instagram feed, I came across Loopostudio and was immediately impressed with two of their projects. The past five years I have kind of shifted work wise from architecture to mainly interior design, and to be quite honest I have missed admiring elegance and simplicity in a space. It seems that the only thing my eyes have seen the past years are marble, black toilet accessories, brass and Scandinavian inspired spaces. A Pinterest in real space, if you will.

So in their own words:
Loopo studio architectural group was formed in September 2012 in Thessaloniki and constitutes of a congregation of the individual desires and interests of its members. Its members are Vagelis Arvanitis, Michael Velenis, Vasilis Giannakis and Maita Chatziioannidou. The group engages in architectural and graphic design. Loopo studio’s work until today involves the design of interior spaces and exhibition spaces, the participation in architectural competitions as well as the graphic design of literature editions, art catalogues and exhibition graphic material.

Single House
This house is one of the 28 similar single houses of the preservable Ouziel quarter in Thessaloniki. They were built in 1927 according to the plans of Jacques Moshe. Our main intention was to highlight the particular identity of the historical building through a contemporary approach to the entire sense of space. We restored the elements that compose its morphology and we were very careful  of the colour palette and the combination of the various materials. Some of the significant characteristics of the house are the spacious free height and the richly decorated wooden doors and plaster ceiling elements. The simple plan is organised around a central space which is the entrance hall of the house. The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and the two bedrooms are articulated around the hall. Our interventions in the plan were restricted to the kitchen and bathroom in order to follow the contemporary domestic needs. The restored architectural elements, the wooden floors, the white kitchen, the black and white bathroom, in combination with some of the existing furniture of our client form the aesthetics of the project.

Domestic Life

This project is about an apartment in the city center of Thessaloniki with an entrance hall, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The main desires of its residents, a couple and a toddler, were to diffuse the light in the interior of the apartment and to obtain more storage space for their books and the rest of their stuff. In order to reach their expectations we removed parts of the walls which blocked the light and moved two of their doors in order to form the space for the storage equipment. Having completed these interventions the apartment was ready to receive the new constructions, such as the long bookcase that traverses the living room. A small closet replaced the one leaf of the double sliding door, leaving the other in its previous use as a door because the toddler needs to move freely from the one room to the other. We designed two more inputs, one in the entrance hall and one in the kitchen so as to receive the representative domestic uses. A small suspended wooden desk in the bedroom fulfils the need of a more private study corner. We chose the white colour to enhance the diffusion of light and we combined it with wooden elaborated details such as the closet handles.



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