On an extremely hot Sunday morning I visited Angela’s amazing apartment in Athens and was impressed and truly jealous of her collection of clothes. Angela, an architect and blogger, is a true admirer of good design and taste, and that you can see all over her apartment, which I have to say is one of the most tasteful places I have ever visited. Full of smiles and will to try on as many clothes as possible, her creativity is obvious in every aspect of her charming personality. Here she is, a true architect in heart and in fashion!

You studied Architecture in the UK and started your own practice in Greece a couple of years ago. What’s it like, being an architect?
It’s a bit hard, because people don’t really understand that the idea that you will present to them is actually the space where they will be living the rest of their lives in. Sometimes they underestimate our job, because all they see is a drawing on a piece of paper.

How is the crisis affecting your profession? What do you expect to come out of this situation?
Like every other profession, things are running a bit low the past months. But I used all this time that I now have and started my own blog, which has been keeping me very happy. I talk about design and architecture and feel really lucky to have it, actually! I have also met a lot of people through it.

Your style is exceptional! Where do you get inspiration from?
Mostly the streets! I absolutely love London and I make sure I travel there once or twice a year. I go on my own, do all my shopping, get inspired, discover new shops and bars and just enjoy my favorite city in the whole world.

How about Greek street style? What do you think of the way Greek women dress?
I believe they have changed their dressing and style routine quite a lot the past few years. With online shopping and the internet giving you all these ideas, I think women are gradually becoming more experimental with their outfits.

So, apart from the streets, any magazines or blogs you would recommend?
The Sartorialist is my all time favorite blog, when it comes to finding inspiration. I follow him on twitter, so that I never miss out on a post. Also Cotton Fearne’s blog and Olivia Palermo’s are on my bookmarks. As for magazines, I usually read Vogue UK and Grazia.

You mentioned that you do most of your shopping in London. Any great spots you’d like to share?
Absolute vintage, Rokit and Laden on Bricklane. I get my accessories from markets and I do a lot of shopping from Topshop. Now, the shoes I get from Irregular Choice and sometimes from asos.com.

Who would you say you are dressing up for?
For myself! Sometimes us girls wear some really strange clothes and the guys get a funny look on their faces when they check out our outfits, but it all comes down to liking your clothes yourself!

Most of your shopping money goes to…?
Accessories and shoes! I also have a thing for jackets, because they can be total look changers.

What would be your fashion moto?
Mix and match! I am all about it, and it can be applicable everywhere. From fashion to design and architecture!

What do you love about Athens?
The city center! It is simply beautiful and it hurts me to hear that some people are actually talking about tearing down some buildings to have more space. I know we are in desperate need of more public spaces and green areas, but I feel that things are slowly changing. Now that Panepistimiou Str will be given to pedestrians, I believe that the city will be given the chance to revive a bit. I also love Exarcheia, that’s were my office is and they neighborhood is so lovely to walk around. The fact that Athens is becoming a multi-cultural city is exciting for me and I believe the city can benefit from the newly obtained diversity.

What would you change in Athens?
I would add public spaces and parks. But they would have to be safe and make you feel safe when visiting the. I would also provide better lighting at all neighborhoods at night and bring life back to abandoned buildings.

Which would be your favorite buildings in the city?
I am a big fan of Modernism. Konstandinides would be my favorite architect and I agree so much with his views on neco-classical architecture. It is simply something that was forced upon Greeks, when in reality, Greeks are much more simple people that desire clean lines and shapes in their spaces. The view of cement is appealing to me, and I much prefer it to detailed ornaments on buildings’ facades! The blue apartment building in Exarheia would have to be one of my favorites, but there are many interesting houses in Ano Petralona as well.

Which are your favorite bars and restaurants in Athens?
Oh, I can name so many! My friends call me the city guide, because I am always searching for something new. Fabrica de vino in Exarheia, Omicron, the garden at Six D.O.G.S., TAF in Monastiraki, Comma in Mavrokordatou, Kerameio in Keramikos. So many of them!

If one of your friends from abroad were to visit Greece, where would they have to go, apart from Athens?
Peloponnese. Definitely Peloponnese! It has such diverse landscapes. And so many great cities, Epidauros, Monembasia, Mani. So beautiful! We went on a road trip a couple of years ago, around Peloponese. The best holidays of my life. Well those and Chios, which was last year.

A few comments on the things pictured above:
Angela simply won’t hold back when someone has great style and she will come right up to you and congratulate you about it. She is also the one to ask and to be asked where she got what she’s wearing. / The jewelry pictured in the wooden garden chair and on the green radiator are designed by a friend of hers and you can find them online
 / The red bag Angela is holding is her most precious belonging and her most expensive. / The window – painting in her living room is actually the window in her apartment entrance with a picture of Notting Hill in the back. A photographer friend of hers helped her make it, in order to add depth to her living room wall. 


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