I have to say, I was really excited to meet Bianca. Her blog is one to follow, not only because of her truly genuine style, but also because of her balcony shots (if this isn’t urban style, I don’t know what is). Braving the heat, she was kind enough to change as many outfits and pose for as many pictures as I asked her to. In between songs played on her laptop and stereo, Bianca also tried playing a tune on her grandmothers piano, which sounded quite good, I would say. A true Rock n’ Roller inside out, Bianca talked about her life-long love for music and how she almost cried watching Pearl Jam live. I hope you enjoy this session, as much as I did having it.

Tell me about your blog.
I started it because I am a freak. All fashion bloggers are freaks. I always liked taking pictures. I always liked fashion, so I decided to start my own blog.

Do you get any good or bad comments regarding Battered Couture.
Sure. I get good ones and bad ones. From the moment you go online, you are available for comments and judgement.

How do you see your blog evolving in the future?
I think I will keep it just the way it is. The fact that fashion bloggers nowadays are turning into socialites, going to every event and every party is really not my thing. I have my blog. I love it and I intend keep it this way.

Do you follow any particular blogs?
Yes. Five inch and up, stop it right now, the selby and the discount. But I think street style is much more interesting than a fashion blog or a magazine.

And how about Greek street style?
Well, I think the girls here are slowly coming out of the bimbo – pamella anderson – bouzoukia phaze. But men have made much progress! They seem to be more picky about their style lately.

Are there any local fashion designers you admire?
Sotiris Georgiou, he is soooo good! And I also love ΣΟΜΦ. The girls are doing a pretty good job!

What is your fashion inspiration?
I love styles that are trully inspired by music. Like raging punks…. even kitch bouzoukia – inspired styles. As long as it is related to music.

And your style?
Mine is based on the Rock n’ Roll culture.

Do you admire anyone in particular from the music scene you follow?
Alison Mosart (the Kills).

Where do you mostly do your shopping?
I don’t go out that much to shop. Most of my clothes are from online boutiques. Asos is one of the best regarding clothes. For shoes I chose soulstruck. I think I mostly go shopping to actual stores, when I am visiting another country. I love London’s shops! But there is a price limit. I can buy a lot of things, but I won’t spend on a specific garnment a lot of money. I prefer to save up to travell, or go to a concert. Much better spent money!

And what about the style of your place?
I peek inside people’s windows! I love looking at other people’s places! I could just ring your bell and ask you to come in, so I can take a look! But the things I have in my own place have to have a past. I have to love them and get attached to them. There is nothing purelly decorative in my house, everything has its own little story. And I really despise total looks when it comes to interior design. Each room can have its own style. Oh, and minimalism! I hate minimalism!

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