Hi Christiana! If I were to describe you to someone else I would say the girl with the curly hair the big smile and the Nike flip flops.  But then I would also add that she’s the one who runs a lot and won’t stop swimming in the sea, even if its snowing in Athens. How is your work – life balance affecting your daily routine and what made you start looking after your body a bit more?
 I always had something with my body. I mean looking after my body. I have tried almost everything as a kid. Basketball, tennis, horse riding, table tennis (I have some medals as well), ballet, swimming, gymnastics The years later yoga, pilates and Tae kwon do, water ski and surf. Few years ago I got sick and I was so scared. That was the time I thought, you have to take care of yourself and your body more. Love yourself, love your body and your body will pay you back. 

Your instagram posts on running really inspired me and I realised you only started running a few years back. Could you share your motivational story with us?
I was working in Cosmopolitan magazine and we got an invitation from Nike to run the 1stWe run Athens(10km). No preparation, nothing. Woke up that morning and ran. Hahaha.  Very nice experience. And the 5 painful days after the race!I love the fact that you don’t fall under the ‘I am a stylist’ trap, wearing fancy stuff all the time, but instead you opt for a more casual and make-up free approach in your everyday life. How hard is it to maintain this approach while working in the magazine / fashion business at the same time?
I was always like that. I like wearing simple things, I don’t like make up. I hate concealer and make up. I love lipstick (like my mom). I don’t find it hard at all to be like that. I find interesting the fact that I am different (simple) and more approachable than others in the industry. I don’t feel like stylist or fashion director in Cosmopolitan. I feel I am doing something I really and I am ok with myself not having to prove anything.

You mentioned how your work has changed a lot, especially now that press kits arrive in your mailbox daily and you don’t have to do a lot of physical scouting any more. Is the evolution of your work better, tougher or are things pretty much the same?
Nowadays you can do everything from your computer. All press kits arrive on your mail. Everything is easier for sure. The thing though is that so many people left or got fired, unfortunately, they were not replaced and all the work is been shared between those left in the office. And its 3 or 4 times more than before.

Why is Sakis the best greek singer and did you buy his doll all by yourself or some friend bought it for you? Also, why do you think your dog had to go number one on that doll? Could it be intentional?
I have loved Sakis since 1992, the song. Ahhahaaha.  I can’t explain the feeling. I like him, I have been almost to every of his concerts. The fact that Dido, our dog, actually pissed the doll was really funny. Probably Panayiotis had to do something with that. Haha. He is a bit jealous of Sakis.. and so is Dido. Clever dog with a Great teacher!!

What’s with the tiger? And the zebra?
The tiger is like a small carpet (fake of course). I don’t use it like that. Its like having a big animal at home and sometimes I use it as a blanket. I bought it froma Patras. The zebra is from London. My sister Is there so I go quite often. I used to leave there for 6 years. Nice..

How many Nikes do you currently own? How many Nikes is too many Nikes?
Around 20-22 pairs of Nike,  its not enough and its never gonna be enough.  I love Nike trainers.

If I were to pack only 5 stuff for my summer holidays, what should those things be?
Swimsuit, trainers-flipflops, sunglasses, sunscreen, ipod. That’s 6!!

You posed like a pregnant-with-a-light lady. What could you possibly give birth to?
Mmmm .. boy 99%, blond with Panayiotis eyes and energy.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Do you think you will still be in Nike flip flops and swim all year round?
In Patras or an island, still running, still swimming-even more there!! And my children too!! All year long. Hahahaha


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