Eleni is one of those hidden jewels. She won’t be all loud and all over the place, but once you get to talk to her, you realize this girl has so much to teach you. I am amazed by her meekness and her kindness, yet at the same time I am fascinated by her imagination and creativity. One of the top fashion bloggers in Greece, she expresses her love for beauty in all its forms in every single post on Cloudline Chic Flows. A true music lover, which is hard to find in the fashion blogging circles, and a poet at heart, here she is, all gracious and charming having fun for imatiothiki.

How did Cloudline Chic Flows get started? How did you come up with the name?
I had just returned from holidays and I decided to start blogging, in order to add a touch of my personal taste in my everyday life. To add a little bit of fun to it, you know? As for the name, I used to spend hours watching out the sky through my bedroom window, noticing the white traces the planes left behind. It seems so elegant.

Did it feel strange to put yourself out there, at first?
Yes, and I was a bit nervous. But I have come to think of myself as a canvas, and now I feel more freedom to express different styles and things I have in mind. The person who is taking your picture plays a huge role in how you feel about posing. My fiancée is the photographer of Cloudline Chic Flows, and that makes me feel absolutely relaxed when posing.

How come you write in English?
It’s easier for me to write in English, as I work as an English tutor. And I am well aware that I leave a lot of Greeks out, because of the language issue, but you have to go with what you feel right.

Do you notice a difference and an evolution in your posts throughout this time?
Yes, certainly. If I look back to my first posts, I would say they are a lot more amateur than they are now. And I guess I hadn’t really found my way around the camera and how to pose, in order to get a good result. I think I have found my style now.

Which blogs do you follow?
I check regulartly fashion blogs and street style blogs. I love Bill Cunningham’s work. Park & Cube… oh and Stop It Right Now – I love how edgy this girl comes out in her posts! I am also loving two non-fashion greek blogs. Sunshine in my eyes and ni.ko.

Has blogging affected your personal style?
Sure. I think everything affects your personal style. I read somewhere that in order to find your truly personal style, you need to get yourself on a mountain and stay there for a year. With no communication, no influences, nothing. Then you will be able to recognize and know your personal style.

So what would you be wearing after a year on a mountain?
Jeans, really old sneakers and a plaid shirt I guess.

If you had to save 5 pieces from your closet for ever and ever, which would they be?
A skirt I got from my grandmother, circa 1920, a gold 70s bracelet I got from my mom, my first Luis Vuitton bag, which I bough after saving for ever, a pair of Etnies sneakers I have from my High School days and a black Chloe vintage top.

Your posts are not only about fashion, but sometimes they are stories or beautiful writings.
Yes, that’s right. I love reading. I love literature and poetry and everything that has to do with words.

Your favorite books would be…
Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, all Emily Dickinson’s books and Sylvia Plath’s poetry. My dad is actually a poet himself, so I got very inspired and influenced by him.

You mean you write poetry?
Yes, I do!

And what do you write about?
It’s more of an expression of my unconscious and subconscious. It’s a way of controlling a darker side of me. But you cannot write poetry when being happy. Poems need esoteric fighting and struggling and I have been through such phases. But at this point in my life, everything is rose colored (yes, the fiancée), so I haven’t written in a while.

Do you feel like you are getting overexposed when someone reads your poems?
No, not really. Because it would be unfair to write something and keep it to yourself. Imagine if all the great writers and poets never published their works!

How about people misinterpreting your poems?
I don’t mind that at all. I belive in the deconstruction of poetry. I remember getting mad at my teachers at school or in college when they would tell us that we got the meaning of the poem all wrong and we didn’t get what the writer wanted to tell us. What does that mean? That’s the magic of poetry! Making your own conclusions, getting inspired according to what you have within you! I read somewhere a really wise quote. It said trying to find a meaning in a poem has no meaning at all.

Which fashion era would you like to go back to?
I am leaning towards the ‘90s. I know it is too early to really appreciate what this decade left us with, but there’s so much about it. I love the minimalism of the 90s and Kate Moss who was the decade’s iconic figure – and the redefinition of beauty. But the 00s are also interesting… with the revival of the Gatsby look, they made me think of my favorite novel… oh, and it may seem out of context, but I also love the Little House on the Prairie look and early 20th century style. All these may seem versatile, but his is who I am. I get up each day and pull on a different look. I get inspired by different things and different eras and I am a firm believer in contradictions.

This imatioθiki was special enough to be captured in film by Jon Mass. He made a small video on how a shooting is done, which you can watch here.

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