Eleni is a jewellery designer, who’s been a friend of mine since Middle School. After that our roads parted, and off she went to London to study Jewellery Design. She has been running her own workshop here in Athens for the past 3 years, and is one of the most creative and effortlessly stylish people I know. Thank you so much Eleni for taking a step of faith in my new project!

How would you describe your personal style?
It’s mostly casual, simple, minimal and, at the same time, chic. During weekdays, I dress mostly with simple, every-day clothes, because there is a big chance of ruining whatever I am wearing, while making my jewellery.

Name some of your favourite designers.
John Galliano, Dassios, Mi-Ro.

What is the last thing you bought?
A white short summer dress that is going to keep me cool during the heat of the summer and is ideal for the beach!

Which beauty products do you use?
I put a lot of effort and emphasis on hydration. Both for my face and my body. I mostly use products from the Body Shop. Also, I do a beauty mask once a week, from white clay, which I get from the pharmacy.

What do you consider to be a fashion no-no?
A mismatch of colors and wearing clothes that don’t fit your body type and in the end don’t bring out your good looks.

What inspires you to design the jewellery you make?
Mostly artist. Miro and Gaudi have been my latest inspirations, both for the way the express themselves through their work. Miro is so playful, like a little child, whereas Gaudi combines so many different materials and techniques.

What do you find fascinating about your job?
The fact that an idea turns into an object.

Which jewellery designers do you admire?
Mah Danon, she was my teacher during my studies at London Metropolitan University.

Which is your guilty pleasure, fashion-wise?
Bags! I have this large Gucci travel bag, I love its colors and the fact that you can almost fit anything in it! But I am also into purses as well. I got his Dior purse on sale and I am really proud of my find!

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