First time I met her, we were at a friend’s birthday party. We argued over cake and who would give the best speech at our friend’s wedding. No one won. The groom grabbed the microphone, literally killing every chance we had to bring tears to the eyes of the guests. But in between that birthday cake and the wedding party speech a lot happened. Yes I am talking about Elenh to Kounoupi. She is the most unbelievably cool person I know, plus she has found a way to enclose the wisdom of a very old lady in the body of a juvenile. The site you see? Imatiothiki… well she is the person behind every little button up here and all that code down there. Elenh to Kounoupi is the person that uses the phrase ‘you rule’ a billion times a day, the person that carried three backpacks in her car just to pick outfits for this photo shoot and the girl who screamed like there is not tomorrow scaring the kids away at the fun fair park. Woohoo! Here’s imatiothiki’s ninja web designer, going bogus!

Why is web design going to save us all?
You’re telling me you’re so convinced that web design is going to save us ALL, so that’s the first question you come up with?

Why do people call you Kounoupi (mosquito)?
Because my baby sister believes I am as annoying as a kounoupi ZZZzzzZZZZ. You will literally hear her say ‘shutupkounoupi’ when I talk much. Elenh To Kounoupi sounds much cooler, if you have no idea how I got stuck with that nickname.

Why is your hair so big?
I have big hair, because I have a boneless nose. Thebalanceofnature.

Why are you always in sweaters?
I think they look good on me. Or they don’t? I am round.

Why are people harsh?
Miss Sandra was a very harsh person.

Why do people not know how to handle their social media accounts?
Are you implying that you are not people? *silenceoffearandnumbness*

Why do we have this saying in Greece that goes something like: ‘there’s enough room for all good fellas’. If this is the case, how come all the good guys leave?
We say that there’s always enough room for all the good guys, because they are so good that they leave, so as not to disturb anybody. So, imagine a room, where you’ve invited every good guy (Lion-O, Captain Planet, the White Power Ranger, the Care Bears, the Seagull that collects every piece of waste on our beaches, Luke without his father etc etc). When the room starts getting crowded, one after the other the good guys will leave, because they are so good they don’t want to make everybody else uncomfortable by the lack of space they might be causing. Out of politeness, you know. So this will cause all the good guys to leave and the room will never ever be full. Get it?

Why did we have this session in a fair park?
We had the imatiothiki session here, because you can’t stand me when I scream with enthusiasm.

Why are you weird when it comes to your clothes?
Becauseitsmyclothes. I have collected all my clothes with much effort, plus I am one of those people that gets emotionally attached to the stuff in their closets. In my mind, it’s like my own personal collection. Do you collect anything? Areyoucoolwithyourcollectionsnileta?

Why is it that when you meet someone they tell you they want you to design their website? Why does everyone want to have a website?
Because someone, somewhere once said: ‘My cousin got himself a website and now makes tons of money.’ Then everybody heard about it. And now everyone wants one.

Why don’t you use a fake identity?
Elenh to Kounoupi is not my real name.

Why should I believe that my future is bright?
You of all people should believe your future’s bright because you rule and I declare and decide right here right now that your future will be brighter than bright.

Why is everyone self centered?

Why are you biting your finger nails?
In kindergarten there used to be a miss Sandra. If your behaviour was unacceptable, they would take you to miss Sandra. Miss Sandra was very scary, not only because she had TWO enormous skin moles on her face, but she was extremely tall as well and she had this voice that you would definitely hear at night whispering something like ‘whydidn’tyoufinishyourdinnernileta’ to you and you would stay sleepless for like a week. So once, this little girl scratched another kid cruelly on the face. After this incident, all teachers announced to their students that we should keep our nails neat and short, and if someone refused to follow the rules, he would be taken to miss Sandra to do the trimming. Did I mention that I was scared of miss Sandra? Since then I bite my nails, so as not to have her trim them, even after my mom told me not to worry because nails don’t grow overnight.

Why do you eat chicken cut in small pieces, but when you have a whole chicken on the table, you get appalled by it?
Obviously because I am confused and mixed up. It’s just this thing that when I see the whole chicken, it’s much easier for me to imagine it living in his home, having a family and all and I just cannot bring myself to eat it. But a dice that tastes like chicken doesn’t have a family. It’s like fish. When you see the whole thing on your plate, it’s weird, it’s like a corpse. Actually it is a corpse with its eyes open. Isn’t that a cruel sight? Fish Sticks are delicious on the other hand.

Why won’t you let me ask you about web design and e shops?
Because you promised.

When you make funny faces, why do you always have to also make funny sounds as well? Can’t you make the funny face on mute?
Hahaha. The funny face on mute is a lie! You have to scream in order to get the looney eyes effect on your face! How else will you pull it off? Also, at this point you should just admit that you laughed much harder at the sounds I made rather than my face.

Why is it you find many weirdos at fun fairs?
IDON’TKNOW. But then again, think of the impression we gave today here. You were my chaperon and I was the overused kid that screamed when the fair wheel froze. Also, why did that child crash your knee at the Bumper Cars?

Why do you sleep so little?
I am not sure. But then again 24 hours are never enough.

Elenh to Kounoupi can be found on facebook and tumblr.

A few comments on the things pictured and said above:
Elenh to Kounoupi brought a lot of clothes with her. We were very weird customers at the park, walking around in huge backpacks and a camera. / The two guys on Elenh’s fingers are Emilio and mr. Pandas. She takes them with her whenever she goes on holidays. / This post begins with Kounoupi’s sneakers, because it’s her trademark. This pair was bought for the friends wedding. She may have not given a speech, but she rocked the shoes. / The pink boxing gloves were given to her as a birthday gift by the person sitting next to her at work. He’s as cool as Elenh. Mr. Belias that is. / She bullied the small kids at the bumping cars. Yes she did. Of course she did. They hurt my knee. They had to pay for it. / All the sweaters and jackets and T-shirts she is wearing on this session are bought someplace nice and designed by someone very important. She told me the names and the places. I didn’t write any of them down. Sorry designers whose names I have totally ignored. / Editing these photos was pure torture. I was laughing on my own like a crazy person. Eleni promises we’ll make some gifs together soon. Check back in a day or three. On tumblr. / ElenhtoKounoupi you rule my friend <3

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