It is strange what social media does to you. I had never met Yiota in person, until now, but somehow I could tell the girl not only has a unique sense of style, but also  an astonishing personality as well. A typographer and a true Athenian persona, Yiota welcomed me and a couple of her friends to her apartment in Hlioupolis for a really interesting and fun photo – shoot, with lots of good music, good food, and good drinks.

Where do you mostly do your shopping?
Usually I shop during my travels abroad. I am a big fan of COS, and then the usual…. H&M, Zara. I also shop online from asos and yoox.

Which has been your best vacation so far?
I will never forget a trip me and Costas took to Berlin in August 2008. We were planning on staying for a couple of weeks and ended up staying a lot more, because we just never ran out of money! We rented this apartment that had been rented by David Bowie himself, well actually Bowie rented the whole building, but that’s ok. We had cocktails every day and took our bikes for rides to parks and just enjoy the city.

That’s strange. Usually August in Greece means you get yourself on a boat and go bake yourself under the sun on a crowded beach.
Oh, I am not into that at all. No sun and super heat for me.

One of your greatest loves is music. Do you travel a lot to attend concerts?
Yes, in fact I went to Serbia last year. I have also been to Primavera in Barcelona – which was a disaster, because for some reason I was exhausted and ended up sleeping the whole time. Of course I didn’t miss watching My Bloody Valentine perform, but I didn’t even get a good glimpse of the city.

How about music festivals in Greece? Are you a big fan?
No, not really. The whole idea of a festival is to pack your bags, go someplace, relax all day, enjoy lots of good music. Like a holiday, you know? But if that happens in Athens, then it means all this holiday turns into long hours in traffic trying to reach the venue, many hours of searching for a parking spot and the next day early wake up call to go to work. That’s not a lot of fun.

The best concert you have been to would be…?
Pearl Jam. It was far beyong any concert I have ever attended. The climate was amazing, Eddie Wedder was a true showman. I can’t even describe how great it was.

Do you find stylistic inspiration from the music you listen to and the artist you prefer?
Sure, Alison Mosshart of the Kills is one of the best dressed on the music scene. And Fear Lanphear is also one of the most stylish people I know, but she’s not into the music business.

You are a really good cook and your friends seem to think so as well. What is it with you and cooking?
I love spending time in the kitchen. And I can cook almost everything, but desserts I love best, because you have to be precise about the quantity of each ingredient. And this is my psycho-therapy when I am stressed. I think I spend a big amount of my salary on cake ingredients.

And this summer you will be cooking…?
Lentil salad with greens and feta cheese and water-melon with graviera.

So, most of the money goes to cakes and not on clothes?
It goes to cakes, boots and furs. I am a boot maniac, I love them, wear them all year long. My friend Dimitra is the one to push me to do things differently. So one day she god fed up with my love for boots, and booked me a pedicure as a gift. Her goal was to force me to wear flip flops at least for a couple of hours and see what I have been missing, by keeping my boots on. She didn’t win. And I should add, that if I find something that I like very much, I will for sure buy it twice. Just to make sure I never ran out of it.

What do you think about Greek women’s style?
I think it’s the same. They dress alike. Online shopping has stirred things up a bit, but you can’t really say there’s been a major evolution in their style.

Do you follow any blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends?
Not really. I am an image junkie though. I love photography and I spend hours and hours of looking at pictures online. I try to stay up to date with the arts as much as I can.

If you had to change some parts of Athens, what would those be?
I would make it less dirty, I feel like we don’t take enough care of our city. I would add green areas and lawns for people to hang out on. I would turn it into a safer city – it’s sad, but true, you no longer feel as safe in Athens as you used to.

Do you recommend any bars in town?
Nixon and the Gin Joint, for their design and good music. Gin Joint makes the best cocktail, Perfect Basil, I strongly recommend it. But I also have a blast at my friend’s parties – I am talking about the YID SID parties. If I am not out, I am the one have friends at home. We all cook and have karaoke nights and come up with dance routines for songs. I hate to admit it, but we rock Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies!

What will be on your i-pod this summer?
Black Keys, Dead Weather, Pearl Jam and, my guilty pleasure, some disco music, along with Toni Braxton and Destiny’s Child!

A few comments about the things pictured above:
Margarita, co-founder at Wear This Today contributed to the styling and the soundtrack of the photo – shoot. / Also attending was Costas, who along with Yiota and other friends are part of a food critic team called Crash Test Foodies. / The jewelry pictured next to the radio was given to Yiota by her friend Dimitra. Dimitra bought Yiota the jewelry to make her appreciate their existence. / All the food pictured above was booked by Yiota and it all tasted delicious. The jam that accompanied the pancakes was brought by Costas, who got it from a bazaar in Syntagma. It is a local product of Mytilene – cranberry jam with ouzo. / All the necklaces Yiota is wearing are from COS. / The red armchair in Yiota’s apartment belongs to Dimitra. 

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