Konstantina belongs to the new generation of Greek fashion bloggers, and she is really successful at it. I had the chance of meeting her through her amazing blog, Limonspective, and we often run into each other on fashion events. I have to say, I truly admire the way she is balancing her love of literature, fashion, art and creativity through not only through her blog, but also her work at Ough! Magazine. A native Cretan, who now lives in the lovely neighborhood by the University of Athens, here she is!

How long have you had your blog and what made you chose the name Limonspective?
It’s been less than a year, and it’s going really well! The name is a pretty funny story. When I was in High School, I used to wear this bright yellow anorak on rainy days, so people would call me Lemon, because of its color. When I first signed up on Facebook, I wanted a screen name, so I changed lemon for limon. Playing with words, like retrospective, prospective…. I came up with limonspective.

How has blogging been for you so far?
Pretty good. I love how I can express myself through the blog. Through fashion, which I have always loved, photography etc.

And the fashion crowd?
I have to say, I am a bit disappointed. I have made some very good friends, like Kristen Leotsakou of Tape Over Crystal and Filio of All You Need is Style, but other than that I am sad to say that it’s a very competitive crowd and not so friendly. Needless to say, meritocracy is lacking.

What would you change in the fashion blogging scene in Greece?
I would make the bloggers more reachable and friendlier.

You come from a very beautiful city, Agios Nikolaos in Crete. How has Crete influenced or inspired your style?
The fact that my hometown is a very small city, makes the people that live in it dress alike and very very simply. So this made me look for something else, something more regarding fashion. It pushed me to discover and to search for ways to express myself and experiment through fashion.  Find my own style.

What is your opinion on the way Greek women dress?
Judging from Athens, there is a small percentage of people that dress nicely. The thing is, I feel like women here try too hard and too much, when all they need to do is just be simple. It’s wrong to say: Oh, this is so in fashion right now, because then you will all look like. The key is to have your own style.

What would you consider a fashion disaster? Or better yet, what would you never be caught in?
A satin leopard dress with studs and sparkles! There! That just describes a fashion disaster! I mean, untasteful is something that is too much. For example an overly revealing dress is untasteful, for sure. You don’t need to put it all out there.

How has blogging affected your shopping habbits?
I don’t shop more, but I certainly think twice before I buy something. I try to think of ways I will match what I am buying, so as to post it on Limonspective later.

Name 5 things in your closet you would never throw out.
A black dress, a white shirt, a pair of jeans, sport trousers and a leather jacket. Pantene Aqua Light by Pantene. It’s this leave on spray that makes your hair look fabulous. Oh and a lipstick I got from Sephora, it’s no.08 and its called Maniac.

What is the best and worst thing about living in Athens?
I love Panepistimioupoli, the area surrounding the University of Athens. It has so many trees and you can take really nice walks here. I also love the small streets in the city center, especially those where access to cars in not permited. I don’t like the fact that everyone is so stressed out and you have to hurry and rush in order to get to an appointment on time.

Which places do you usually visit in town?
Bar Tessera, Gazi College, Jazz & Jazz and Booze.

Which would you consider the most stylish city?

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