Yes, I acted like a 5 year-old when I entered his apartment and yes I kept going: ‘wooow’ and ‘cool’ as I walked my way through.  Konstantinos Dagritzikos, the art director for one of the best multi-use spaces Athens has to offer, knows about art and good taste and his place proves it. A super cool and totally down to earth guy, Konstantinos is the co-owner and the brains behind Six d.o.g.s.

You studied History of Art in Greece, moved to the UK to do your Masters on curating at Goldsmith’s and now work as the art director of 6 d.o.g.s. Why is that you focused on curating and not making your own art?
I did make my own art. Mostly I worked on videos and installations. I would also include experimental music to whatever I was presenting… and the first exhibition I ever curated was actually my own. But one thing led to another and I discovered I find great joy in organizing events and being responsible for exhibitions. It’s as creative as making your own art.

Your first exhibition space was called b.i.g. and then you had the idea of 6 d.o.g.s. What’s with the dots?
I love them. They separate the letters and everyone has their own version of what the space is actually called.

How easy was it to launch b.i.g.?
It all started out really casual. I was 22 years old at the time, my parents owned this apartment that no one was using, so I decided to turn it into an exhibition space. The funny thing is, that at the same time this gay bar had just opened in town, with the same name and people were mixing it up. But anyways, b.i.g. lasted for about 2 years, and come to think of it, it’s a miracle it did, concidering my age and the state of things back there.

And then you thought of Six d.o.g.s.
Yes. It was all in my mind about a year before it actually happened. I was thinking of opening this kind of space in London, because I was living there at the time. But you know, there are so many rules and regulations there, and they can be a real headache if you want to start your own bar. Greece offered a lot more flexibility and a much better ground for such an idea to flourish.

So you chose Greece over the U.K.
Yes, because quality is easy to find and to have here. The fact that no one appreciates it is a whole different story.

You mostly focus on the music at Six d.o.g.s.  Why is that and how many concerts have you hosted?
I think we’ve hosted about 1.700 to 1.900 gigs so far. I think music is the form of art that most people can relate to. I guess it is ‘user-friendly’… I mean, you can take music with you everywhere you go. You listen to it when you go out, you put your ear plugs and you can receive it as art. It’s popular compared to other forms of art.

Have you gone through major changes at Six d.o.g.s. since it opened its doors? Any plans for the future?
Sure, many changes. The thing is we opened really fast. Found the place, found the architects (Point Supreme), and just went for it. And no one here is trying to be smart about it. We talk to people, we listen to their comments and their ideas and we try to change things around here. We made some changes with the sound system and sound proofing and many other things. As for the future, we’ve always thought about opening a small restaurant, since we have so much space, but we’re taking things slow, considering the economic situation our country is going though.

Have you seen a change in the way people perceive ‘going out’ in the past few months?
No, not really. Keep in mind that we started this business when the crisis had already hit Greece. And if you think about it, if people start getting miserable on their nights out, then that’s the end of it!

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