When I came across Kristen’s blog, I was immediately impressed by her wonderful sense of style and dazzling pictures. Half Azorean, half Greek, Kristen is the proud owner of one of the most inspiring fashion blogs, tape over crystal. I was left speechless by her energy and talent! Oh yes, the girl not only knows how to pull off great looks, she also paints, draws and sketches, redecorates her room and does wonders with it on a low budget. With a dream and goal to become a fashion designer, Kristen’s talent and gracefulness promise a bright future ahead.

Tell me about your style.
I would describe it as eclectic. I mix vintage pieces, with really cheap and really expensive stuff. I think it’s classy and chic, but at the same time it has this hippie twist.

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to fashion?
Mostly from films. The characters inspire me so much. For example movies like the Dreamers, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Lars and the Real Girl or Into the Wild were a true inspiration for me. The atmosphere, the images, the characters… even the decoration is what could become a reference for an outfit I would be wearing. Even in series like True Blood you can find something worth looking at!

How do you keep up to date with fashion?
Mostly from blogs, because you get to learn about someone’s personal opinion on the latest fashion trends, without unwanted details. It’s just the news. Concentrated. I also buy magazines, mostly during the summer, when Internet is out of reach.

Which fashion blogs do you follow?
Ponyhunter, Gillo Filippa, Flower Child Vintage, Johnny’s Bird. Usually, I follow blogs that have really interesting creators. The attitude and character of the blogger is really crucial. I am always thinking: could this person be my friend? Can I relate to them? That’s how I choose who to follow.

What is your opinion about fashion blogging in Greece?
There are so few companies in Greece that are willing to collaborate with bloggers. Last year, I attended the 1rst Fashion Business Forum and there was such a negative attitude towards us. I think companies should come to realise that Greeks spend a whole lot of time online, and they should start getting advantage of that.

Who is your fashion icon?
Alexa Chung. I am in love with her nerdy – chic style!

Where do you mostly do your shopping?
Online. Toposhop, Doll Boutique, Asos, Asos Marketplace and Rock It are my favorites.

How is fashion related with interior design?
I guess they are parallel practices. The way I decorate my personal space is relevant to the way I dress. In both cases I am really picky about textures, and colors… I love mixing a lot of white with touches of bright colors. But my greatest love is fashion design. I have been wanting to do this since I was 14! I started sketching out some thing, I made 3 blouses all by myself, and I guess we’ll see where it goes from there.

Who are your favorite designers?
Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club and Chloe.

Greek fashion designers?

Name 5 things in your closet you coulnd’t live without.
My Lanvin for H&M fake fur. My black Cheap Monday jeans. My Alexander Wang knit. My Jeffrey Campbels. A pair of vintage sunglasses.

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