I met Lila randomly at a bar in Syros before even starting imatiothiki, and immediately noticed her unique style. Her talented brother, Dimitris, who is responsible for all these amazing finds and paintings you see in the pictures, is a student here on the island and Lila spends her holidays here. So, there was no second thought as to where I would be shooting her. This is a different imatiothiki session, as I am not actually visiting her personal space, rather than her brother’s and Lila got to show me the clothes she chose to bring with her on her holidays! With femininity and theatricality playing an important role when dressing up, here is Lila’s island hopping suitcase!

Where do you get inspired, fashion-wise?
From ancient Greek designs, I love the bold colors they used and the simple lines of the garments. Also the way the fabrics just hang on your body.

Who is your fashion icon?
It might be cliché, but my fashion icon would definitely be Melina Merkouri. She is so elegant and classic, yet at the same time you can see something from the streets and the simplicity in her. She is so feminine, without being too much of it, like for example Bougiouklaki is.

What do you go for when dressing up?
I guess my mood is the main factor. When I am angry or sad, I will be wearing a lot of black. My clothes represent my mood. A lot of times, though, I think of dressing up like it’s a play! I love the theatricality of all this! It is really important for me to wear pieces that relate to something else and remind you of something else. I prefer clothes that have movement and that I can wear in many different ways – like this maxi black dress I have, that can be worn in 3 different ways.

Which places do you recommend for shopping?
Parthenis. definitely Parthenis. The designs are amazing and the prices are really good! Other than that, I also love Ropa Lavada in Kolonaki. I also shop a lot from h&m and asos.

Do you have anything in your closet that is not yours?
A skirt that belonged to my mother. It’s a wrap around and I simply love it.

Name 5 things in your closet you can’t live without.
A maxi dress. My blue tunic – t-shirt, which I can wear as a dress, as a blouse, as anything! A black turtle neck. Large rings. Flat shoes.

Who are your favorite designers?
Vivienne Westwood. Orsalia Parthenis. Marc Jacobs. Sofia Kokosalaki.

Any fashion guilty pleasures?
Shoes! And dresses!

What do you consider a fashion no-no?
Militaire fabrics and prints matched with fluo colors.

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