I first got in touch with Loukas when he was in bed, trying to recover from his motorbike crash, with his leg in cast and quite a few screws holding his bones together. Till then he got all healthy and strong, he found a publisher for his second novel and he decided to move to Australia to study Communication and Journalism. So, here we are, a month before he immigrates to the promised land, talking mostly about his adventurous life, playing with his lightsaber and checking out his enormous collection of All Stars and T-shirts. All in all, I have to admit the male version of imatioθiki is great fun. Instead of clothes and designers, I got to talk about broken bones, bikes, surfing and books.

Loukas studied Physics straight after high school. Two years later he thought it wasn’t really his thing, so he enrolled at the University of Piraeus. He always knew he wanted to write. When he went to school he thought he would be making comics. But his drawing skills weren’t so good. So he wrote Shoebox instead. He finished his first novel at the age of 23 and then moved to Germany for two years. When coming back to Greece he tried finding a publisher. It was Antonis Tsipianitis, who he truly admires, that told him to keep on keeping on and never quit until he found a publisher. When he is writing one of his books, he follows a stict schedule and does nothing else all day. He has already finished his 3rd novel, more precicely he wrote it in 24 days, and now is currently working on his 4rth, which will be the first written in English. His 3rd will have a Greek title. His first two didn’t. Because the words he chose as a title sounded much better in English. He hasn’t given up on comics though. He co-produces and publishes Xartinos Kosmos. Giorgos Melissaropoulos draws the comics and Loukas writes the strips.  Loukas has a supernatural ability to remember everything. From dates, to years, to every single detail. He is also super active and cannot sit still for five minutes. He has broken a lot of his bones. He has broken his fingers, which “don’t really count as a broken bone,” as he puts it. He has broken his nose, but never got around to properly fix it. It is still broken. He was supposed to have surgery this year, but a jeep ran him down while standing on his motorcycle. This resulted in his leg and ankle getting broken and he had to undergo 3 surgeries. So he decided to skip the nose-job. The funniest broken bone he got was in high school. His class was playing volleyball. Loukas is not a team sports guy. He prefers solo. But they were missing a person to form a team, so they invited him to join. He tried to block the ball on the net and the net bounced back on his eyebrow. It got cut and bled. So there was a time out and he was instructed to visit the nurse’s office to get a band aid on. On the way there, he was climbing down some stairs. The blood blocked his vision and he fell. That’s how he broke his leg. Going to the nurse’s.

His second book, Shoot Me, is very autobiographical. And he feels blessed to have had a good amount of friends, supporting the promoting procedure. Talented photographer and friend, Thodoris Markou, shot and designed the book cover and website. Niko Volianakis and Tina Sardella directed the book’s video, along with Loukas. Kristen took part in that video too. Dreg the Pirate, who is a street artist, designed the promoting stickers and Zebra Tracks will be playing on the book’s launching party. If he were to describe his books, he would say Shoebox is his book of youth, where anything goes, and he can even invent words. Shoebox would be his Χαστουκόψαρα (a book by Christitis Leandros, whom he truly admires). Shoot Me would be his beatnik phase, where he tells a story… and his 3rd book would be his Ziskind kind of book, darker, deeper and peculiar. When he starts writing a book, he always has to have made up his mind on how it starts and how it ends. It can be a phrase or a word, but he has to know it. Otherwise he cannot write anything in between. And it amazes him, how sometimes he can write this and that and when he puts them together, a story emerges. Afterwards he will be getting comments on how cleverly he twisted the plot, but he insists it just happens on its own. (I say, that’s his skill and talent.) He is a bit worried and a bit excited about moving to Australia. When asked, he said it is cheese pie that he will miss the most. He insisted on that one and mentioned the cheese pie quite a lot. He got his first tattoo when he had hit his leg. The leg was swollen and the tattoo was done on the swollen leg. Naturally, the leg came back to its normal size and the tattoo is now blurry. But it’s a funny story and he likes it. His last tattoo has the word patience on it. He got it while lying in bed for 3 months after his accident this year.

A few comments on the things pictured above: The screws in the hand and leg picture were originally holding his bones together. So is the steel stick on his key chain in the picture with his biker jacket. / Loukas has an enormous collection of All Stars. He wears none now, because his shoes have to fully support his broken leg. / All the Star Wars gear pictured above was bought online after Loukas got really lucky and found the most amazing deal. Please pay extra attention to the packaging of his sneakers. / Surfing is something he intends to keep on doing. He will surely find his own style, even though his ankle is crushed. / You really have to make him tell you some of his crazy life stories. Loukas is the person to experience the most unexpected things. For some reason life has been giving him so much things to write about.

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