Hi Loula! Wow, your apartment is filled with figures and strange stuff. What’s the story behind those?
Nileta <3! well i think that some they stand as souvenirs from my childhood storage and some as treasures carefully collected throughout the years by travelling, by visits in old curiosity shops or even as gifts. Occasionally a strange stuff could constitute a poetic way to spend your time. Once upon a time a gang of them, was an inspiration for a graduate project, when in uni. The fact that there is inexpressiveness and inflexibility in those figures , arises the challenge  for the construction of a microcosmos of thoughts. Toys or figures, under circumstances, could strengthen the capacity to subtract things and project them in the realm of the image. As you can see they share something more than a simple decorative quality, they can even ‘’collaborate’’ to build funny or ‘’intellectual’’ homy installations.

I must say I totally love your psychedelic slash subconscious realm of your instagram pictures. Do you shoot with your camera or with your phone? How do you decide which pictures to combine and what is it you want to get across.
I shoot both ways but I find the camera of a mobile phone more convenient in terms of ‘’lightness’’. My creative process has everything to do with a kind of subconscious guidance. In fact  my abstraction leads me. An abstraction which is nothing more than concentration, although that may seem paradoxical. This concentration has been building and builds through training, studies, work  and personal research-playing. So it is like you cultivate some skills in order to be prepared to find what you are not looking for or as if the pictures are finding you rather than you are looking for them. And sometimes this ‘’finding’’- encounter is useful and sometimes no. This means that you try to mature in order to compose+combine , but at the same time  be opened to incentives. Subconsciously you develop or ‘’sleep’’ with a ‘’collateral’’ kind of thinking, where you unfold your suggestions for aspects of the world through mental-visual construction. So you provide some visual information that should be supplemented by the spectator’s imagination. That would be a harmonious get across contribution.

Apart from your art you also got involved in the art of scarves. Your designs are a mixture of pop culture and national emblems. What made you stretch your art into textiles?
Free will!:-) Put the blame on collateral kind of thinking!
My main goal was to orchestrate, if possible, elements from ancient cultures , ancient mythologies , mainly Greek with today’s needs and perceptions. So at the beginning was more about the concept and less the textile itself. Then the material ‘’embraced’’ my effort literally and metaphorically.

What’s the process of designing and producing a scarf?
I pick up a theme, a mythological hero, and I am starting giving him/her shape by his/her name and his psychological status sometimes. Usually I am starting on a paper and finishing on a computer. During my sketching free association ‘’visiting’’ me regarding my theme, that helped me form my conceptual canvas. On that point I decide for the psychological showdown between my heroes and a personal interpretation in a form of a motto is born, a verbal message that plays a huge role in the composition visually and conceptually.  Of course I study and I do research on each myth i am dealing with and looking for the etymology of words, names related to the myth. So it is like creating a structure involved with the myth that from conceptual becomes visual.
In some scarves, there is an association of different elements and symbols in terms of space,time and culture, which are bridged on the ground of the silk scarf. For the silk part so far is responsible the art of Silk Museum in Soufli, providing me with good quality of silk and prints.

I am really intrigued by your fantasy, so I must ask: please describe an ideal realm where you could possibly live.
An ideal realm?m…I wouldn’t like to taste the lack of friends&family, but I wouldn’t say no to a ride in spacetime. For example a Saturday night if you don’t feel like work, or going out for drinks or having fun on a dancefloor, or do ceiling therapy there would n’t be awesome to be able to travel to late 20’s or 60’s, to meet a grandmother that you did not have the chance to meet or listen to Gino Paoli or Luigi Tenco at their finest hour or even travel to the future.  However more ideal to me would be to able to feel in your flesh how would it be to be a cat ,or a donkey or a shark, or a tree, or how a newborn is feeling…

Do you think those figures you have on your shelves come alive at night and have a party in your living room?
Hahaha!what a funny and warm and frightening picture at the same time !i love the illusion that there is conscience  in all visible and invisible molecules, atoms of this world if one does not learn from the waves, the stars or from a ball by figures in his/her livingroom, they shouldn’t expect never to learn!

What the most surreal part of your life?
This ball would be the most surreal part ,especially with me participating in it and singing Mairi Linda’s and Zabeta’s songs!:-)

Being a photographer and a visual artist you spend a lot of time in your studio. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
This can be both good and bad, in any case requires effort ,attachment ,like any job  and often isolation-luckily I am a monastic kind of person- but also fun . The most important is to share the results of your efforts, be able to give and receive joy through your work and at the same time pay your bills.

Where can I find your art? Where can I find your scarves?
At my studio, at my place, in an upcoming participating exhibition on July(soon more info) , via www.loulalevedi.com and the scarves so far in Pocket Gallery in Naxos Old City, in Bonnair Chania Crete, in the art shop of Theocharaki’s Foundation for the fine art and music and soon in more places.

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