I have spent hours of college years vegging out in front of the TV thinking: this girl is really fun and I just cannot believe the energy she has! Years went by and this girl turned out to be much more. She became a journalist, a talent show judge, a missioner (chef, supermodel, singer, tourist guide, beekeeper, pilot… you name it), a radio producer and an editor at one of the countries (and the world’s) top magazines, Cosmopolitan. So you can see how curious I was to see how she really is in person. And I tell you. She is all that and much more. Hilarious, super energetic, passionate about surfing and learning, this must have been the longest interview and the fastest photoshoot in the history of imatioθiki. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor that I give to you… Lydia.

So you have worked… pretty much everywhere. Tell me a little bit about that.
I worked at Imako for about 7 years. I started at OZON magazine, where I was writing mostly about cultural events and art exhibitions. You had to see my face whenever I got the press release from the galleries. It was always about some artist finding the existential something something… and I would be like: is this for real?!? At the same time I was working at a bar in Kolonaki, washing the dishes, being a waitress or a bouncer. Ha! Yes, I was the bouncer. Not muscular and aggressive, just letting people in and out and saying jokes in the meantime. That was where I met the owner of MAD TV. I didn’t know who he was and I was saying something funny. He asked who I was and before I knew it I had myself a job on TV.

You’ve been writing at magazines for quite some time now. Which would be the best piece you have ever published?
I think it was this piece I did on Britney Spears. I was working as a VJ for MAD TV at that time and they sent us to London to cover for a concert she was giving. You can imagine how crazy it was out there. Millions of teenagers screaming and yelling and crying and waiting to get in the venue. So, I start reporting what I am experiencing on camera and suddenly the fan’s mothers realize there’s a TV crew in sight. So they all grab me and they tell me to interview their daughter because Britney once gave them an autograph. But then another comes and tells me: Get my daughter on camera, because Britney gave her a t-shirt. If the fans were crazy, their moms where out of control. And I was just shocked. I threw the mic and told the camera man: this is insane, they will kill us! But, long story short I interviewed all fans –and their mothers. So when I got on the plane to Greece, still in shock, I grabbed a pen and started writing all about my experience with the out-of-control fans. I got home, typed it on my computer and gave it to my editor at the magazine I was currently working at. They just published it untouched! And I wasn’t even asked to write about it. I just turned it in, they loved it and it was published. That was my favorite story I guess.

This year has been super busy for you. Radio show in the morning with the Morning Jockers on Energy FM, then straight to the offices of Cosmopolitan, where you work as an editor in chief, and then shooting for Mission Lydia. Plus you don’t drink coffee?!?! How hard is it to juggle through so many things?
Yup, I don’t like the taste of it. But I have an apple each morning. It’s like having two espressos – seriously. You know, I love doing many things. I am the kind of person that thinks that if you are not producing and you are not being active, then you are no good. All in moderation though.

What would you do with your time if you could have 5 extra hours each day?
Oh, wow! I’d love 5 more hours per day. I would swim and dance.

How about the difficulties in the things you do. Is it hard to wake up early in the morning and have a morning radio show? Is being an editor in chief at Cosmo a lot of work? And Mission Lydia?
The morning show was great fun. I hadn’t met the guys before, but we managed to get along really well and laugh a great deal! As for the magazine, well… it can be tough. I am the person who has to read every tiny bit of the magazine, because everything goes through me. And that takes a lot of responsibility. Mission Lydia was something I had been meaning to do for quite some time now. Some time ago the people at MTV contacted me and I told them what I had in mind, they said yes and I got to do my dream show at that time.

What would your dream TV show be like right now?
It would be a show about inspiring people. I would travel a lot and interview men and women who would share their experiences, that could be life changing and real examples of strength and courage. The last couple of months, we have been running a contest at Cosmpolitan’ s website about women who really have made a difference affecting the world around them. That’s a good start I think.

How would you describe your relationship to fashion?
I am the kind of girl who wears tennis shoes all day long – and turns them into slippers if she’s at the office. But when I have to attend an event, I will dress accordingly. My best fashion moments would be when I am presenting the EBΓΕ awards (Awards for Greek Graphic Designers). I always design my own dress and my sister helps me out a lot. She is a graphic designer herself. I do little graphic design jokes with my designs, like RGB colors or cut here patterns. No one seems to appreciate the effort I am going through though. I always tell them, put my dress on the brochure and they just ignore my fashion skills!

Your relationship to surfing?
I love it! I spend a big amount of my time and money on surfing. It all started when I went to Ikaria a summer a while back for holidays. I met this group of people who were surfing there. They taught me and we ended up taking trips to Southern France or Northern Spain to surf. You had to see our car. We were all squeezed there and our boards and things! It was crazy.

How do you feel about Athens?
I love it. It is an amazing city and most importantly, it had the most beautiful landscape you can ever see in a city! I mean, there are mountains everywhere! Everywhere! Each morning, when I am driving to work I am just amazed at the beauty I see. You have to see my photo album on my phone. It is full of the mountains of Athens.

What are your plans for next year?
I think it is about time to get my degree at Journalism from University. Other than that, I am hoping to spend all my time on doing things that matter and saving a lot of time to learn new things and study some more.

A few comments on the things pictured above: The Heinz beans serve as a decorating ornament. Lydia thinks they are just the most beautiful thing you can have on your kitchen counter. She some time has them for breakfast, when she is going British. / Lydia is kind of scared of birds. Turns out she has a lot of birds around the house. On the walls, on patterns, tattooed on her ribs. / The orange and white sphere thingy that is on top of her records is a knife sharpener. She has no idea what it is doing in the living room. / The silver super high heeled shoes she is wearing were bout in Southern France for 10 Euros. / The bracelets in the picture with the neon yellow necklace are Glambition by Eleftheria Papadaki. / The orange and white pots are a yogurt making machine. Lydia shows off her tanned pinkie at that picture. / Please pay attention to her paparazzi sunglasses. They are hilarious. 

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