I have always thought of Mairy as one of the most stylish women on the Greek broadcasting network, but it was her campaign for BSB that really got my attention. A few fashion-chatting sessions later and we decided to set a date for an imatioθiki photo shoot at her new place. It really amazes me how she can handle so many things at the same time, and still never give up on her true love for fashion. A TV producer, radio producer, fashion blogger and soon to be Master Chef 2 presenter, Mairy spends her summer developing her fashion design skills, and her winters arranging MAD Walk events. Heads up for Mairy, who in spite of her busy schedule, had all the energy and will to try on so many different outfits and have a good laugh posing around her newly obtained apartment.

How on earth do you find time to do everything? You have such a busy schedule, right?
Oh, yes, I wake up each day at 6.30 and start getting ready for the morning show, Proino Mou. Then I head to MAD headquarters, where I finish the last details concerning my radio show. I usually come home at 8 pm. But weekends I make the most of! I usually wake up at 8, because my body is used to waking up early now and I make up for all the time lost throughout the week.

You also started your own blog this year, under Miss Bloom. How does it feel to blog about fashion and life in general?
I love it. It’s one of the things I enjoy the most at the moment. Because I am free to write about anything I want. I also add a song to each of my posts, so there you have it… fashion and chatting and music, all in one post.

You took part in MADWalk by Vodafone last year, and this year you were one of the presenters along with Vicky Kaya and Kostas Martakis. How did you manage to change so many outfits in so little time?
You should have seen it! The moment I walked backstage I had my arms and legs spread wide open and people were dressing me up, changing my makeup and hair. I really admire them for what they did, because each look I had was so different from the previous one! On our last rehearsal for the event we even had a stopwatch, just to make sure that in the 7 minutes time we had available, we would get the new outfit ready, so I could go on stage.

Apart from BSB’s online shop, you have also modeled for Georgina Skalidi’s A/W 2011-2012 collection. Did you find that a fun experience?
Sure! You know, it’s funny. I really love fashion and last summer I decided to enroll in one of St. Martin’s Summer Courses on design you own t-shirt collection. So we were asked to create a moodboard with things that inspire us and I was just taping Georgina’s bags on mine. When I got back to Greece, after a couple of months, I got an invitation to model for her lookbook. It was the first fashion shoot / lookbook I ever did and I had so much fun. I love her bags!

When it comes to what you are wearing on TV, who gets the final word?
There are stylist who help us and bring us all these amazing clothes, but I always add my personal touch. Half my accessories are at the network’s studios, because I always want to have something of mine on.

Your personal style would be?
Boyfriend chic! I absolutely adore boyfriend jeans. I buy a lot of stuff from the men’s department. I am the person to wear baggy and really relaxed clothes that make me feel confortable.

The best jeans brand would be?
I am not sure. I found a lot of good jeans at BSB latest collection. But again, go to the men’s department to find a good pair of jeans – that’s my moto.

You have confessed you love cupcakes. And you will be presenting Master Chef 2, which is already filmed. Please tell me you got to try all the amazing things the contestants are making!
Nope, I did not! I was so into doing my job and making sure we got everything right, that I didn’t have the time to try anything. But I know where each chef cooks, so now I visit their restaurants and get to try it all. But I do try all of the deserts Akis is making at the morning show, Proino Mou. He is the most diligent and focused person I have ever met! He is always searching for a great recipe and wants to share only the best. He’s a great cook.

Working on national network must be really interesting, and I bet you have also met a lot of inspiring people. Can you name someone in particular, whose character and attitude you admire?
Rania Thraskia. She is amazing. Rania was presenting this show E-latte last summer and I got to work on that show as well. She was so gracious and generous and just gave me my own space and time, so I could feel at easy and find my own pace on this new step I was taking professionally. She was so helping and encouraging and had this attitude of helping you, you know? I really appreciate what she did.

You are really into social networking, especially though your twitter account and your blog. Your screen name is MairyBoo. How did that come up?
Oh, it’s from Monsters Inc. I had the DVD, the Video tape, the stickers… you name it! Totally loved it! Especially the baby girl starring in the film, whom the monsters called Boo, because she scared them. I loved her courage. Even though she was dealing with monsters, she never backed out. So I just added her name to mine and since then I use it everywhere.

What will be on your i-pod this summer?
Ρόδες. Drive’s soundtrack. Always a Roisin Murphy album. Beiruit. And Jessie Ware.

You are a big fan of tattoos, having 3 already. Can you tell me a little bit about them?
I have a girl on my neck. This was my first one. But this year I got her a red balloon and made her all happy! Then I have these lyrics by Neil Young on my ribs and the last one I got is on my arm, which is the essence of my life. It’s a drawing of a tape, a heart and a cupcake. And that’s all you need, I believe. You need music, love and cake. And you are happy! No?

A few comments on the things pictured above:
Mairy has a great talent for drawing. She is always searching online for cute illustrations or sketches and reproduces them on her framed wall. / The chairs on her dining room make her really happy, because none of them look alike. Some people don’t understand the design perspective of this decision to buy separate chairs, and think she just ran out of money to buy the whole set. / Mairy’s addiction for cupcakes goes beyond edible ones. She firmly believes Magnolia Bakery serves the best cupcakes in the world. In the meantime she makes them herself, or finds cute accessories that have the shape of a cupcake. / Her fridge has the most funny magnets and the most disgusting ones at the same time. They look like chewing gum glued on the refrigerator door. / If Mairy could have her own show on TV, it would be about travelling and discovering great food and designers in strange places. 

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