This was a pleasant surprise and one of the reasons I keep on posting photo shoots and interviews on imatiohiki. Maria, half Greek half Romanian, has been on my Instagram feed for quite some time and I have been admiring her style and elegance with likes mostly. In my imagination she would be a lawyer, living in downtown Athens, but to my surprise she is a civil engineer with an apartment that is exceedingly stylish amongst the trees in the northern suburbs of the city. Furthermore, I am always the one to applaud people when their sense of style, space and personality all somehow interwind. The girl has class and nothing excess to her, her closet or apartment. I hope you enjoyed our shoot as much as I did. 
How would you describe your apartment? What is the story behind the pieces of furniture you have here?
I could say it’s a combination of different styles and decades. I chose antiques for my dining room, my living room furniture has a Scandinavian design, like the rocking chair and my bedroom is a collection of vintage bamboo pieces that come from my parents old bedroom and mine when I was a teenager. I really love them together.

You have one of the most minimal places I have ever shot. Not in terms of style, but in terms of stuff lying around and objects. Was that a conscious decision? 
Indeed, I prefer simplicity.  I wanted to create a place that gives  a sense of harmony and balance. Plants and few furniture , yet pieces with character. Cramped places tend to stress me a little bit.

What do you want people to feel when they come to your place?
They are free to feel whatever they want. I hope they receive positive vibes though.

Your personal style would be?

I loved how you said you will save money to buy something you truly need and like. Could you tell be a little about how you came shop and dress in that context?
In the past I used to buy clothes just because I liked their design, without even thinking if they looked nice on me or not. As a result most of them were hanging in my wardrobe with their labels on for years and in the end I donated them. Nowadays I tend to buy clothes that I can picture myself wearing  for years. I don’t get carried away  by the design anymore,fabric is all that matters. After all it’s quality over quantity.

Name the most precious thing you own, in terms of memories or story behind it.
Its the mirror hanging in my living room.It belonged to my great grandmother It’s over 100 years old.

What would your ideal uniform / outfit be?
Anything that makes me feel comfortable through the day and has a  fine fabric.

Name your favourite brands / designers?
I don’t have someone in particular. They are too many and change from time to time.A designer that pops into my mind without an effort is Chloe.

What do you love about Athens?
The sun, the smell of the citrus trees  downtown during spring time ,the variety of small bars and restaurants and the long afternoon walks in my neighbourhood in the summer.

Describe what a day in town would be like. 
My weekdays is a routine like everybody else.Wake up in the early morning-i don’t have breakfast at home-i prefer to stay in bed longer, get dressed,grab a coffee from my local cafeteria and head to work. After finish working in the afternoon,i go grocery shopping, i like to cook a lot, homemade meals are my favourite ones. I do yoga or pilates on a regular basis,two to three times a week.This is my energy boost in my everyday life, helps me relax and makes me happier. At night either I listen to music and read something or watch something interesting. It depends on my mood. Weekends on the other hand  keep them free for friends and family,nice dinners, chats and drinks.

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