You’ve got a pretty cool and colourful apartment. Where do you find stuff to decorate your place?

Thank you! I like to mix colours and patterns. A lot of the larger pieces are from Ikea – they always seem to get it right. I’ve personalised the space with items I’ve picked up from when I lived in London and over the last few years in Dubai. Urban Outfitters have some interesting homeware and I love Zara Home for unusual colourful objects and pretty much anything else. I think just about everyone who has visited my flat has tested the burger bean bag too, which my sisters bought me from one of my favourite shops in London, Lazy Oaf.

How does your love for colourful objects and fruit shaped house ornaments reflect upon your personal style?
I’ve always been attracted to bold patterns and bright colours so you could say these have made their way into my wardrobe and influenced some of my outfit choices. I had noticed my fascination with food and fruit themed objects until friends who visited the flat commented that there were quite a few pineapples around. You can never have a bad day when you are wearing a pineapple print T- shirt can you?

Any interesting story behind any of the objects you’ve got in here?
The burger bean bag was actually meant to be a pizza slice but I felt it was too big for the living space. You could lie flat out on the entire slice. I’m probably still going to buy it because a burger and pepperoni pizza is a great combo – right?

Could you tell me the story on how you became a make up artist?
Whilst studying for my BSc in Glasgow I entered a competition in a magazine to design a makeup look that would be shown at London Fashion Week. Although I didn’t win, I knew Science wasn’t for me so I started looking for courses where I could train in makeup after completing my degree. I moved to London soon after where I trained and then worked on my portfolio whilst assisting at agencies.

Which beauty / make-up products would you totally recommend?
I really believe in looking after your skin. You hear this all the time but try to wear an SPF and no matter how much you’ve had to drink always take your makeup off at the end of the night. Anything from Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford’s makeup range is wonderful. Bourjois foundations are great, don’t be fooled by the low price tag. If you have the chance check out an American brand called Hourglass – my clients always ask about this range when I use their products on them, they do amazing things to your face.

How challenging is your job? Do you have any strange or super cool stories to share on what happens at the photoshoots?
I do love how my job can be different almost every day. Shoot schedules/cancellations and timings can change from week to week which can be frustrating although this comes with being freelance. Setting your alarm for 4am call times every few weeks isn’t too fun either. One of the best parts about my job however are the exciting locations we get to shoot at. I recently shot a jewellery story on the roof of 4 different locations around Dubai. Shooting from a helipad on Sheikh Zayed road was pretty cool but we managed to get access to the roof of Dubai Mall for the last location of the day. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen the city from this angle. On one side was Burj Khalifa and the other was a sea of a thousand cranes. We were up there alone at sunset – it was incredible to view the city from this perspective.

How long do you think Kim Kardashian’s contouring will stay as the make-up-to- have-right-now?
I think we’re moving away from contouring already. Summer is all about fresh glowing skin and letting your skin breathe with minimal coverage. It’s still possible to accentuate and shape your features without using 7 different colours and 6 layers of foundation.

If you were asked to leave Dubai right now and had to chose anywhere in the world to live for the next five years, where would that be?
I’m leaving on a European trip tonight starting in Barcelona then onto Berlin and finishing in Rome. Ask me when I get back.

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