I remember sitting with Nafsika on the steps of the School of Architecture, smoking and talking about classes and ancient greek sandal designs. A passionate architect and a talented MTV VJ, Nafsika is one of the happiest and most talented people I know of. Just weeks before she escapes on a remote Greek island to get some rest, she tells me she will have the Horrors’ latest album on her i-pod and shows me a small doll picturing a Luca Libre warrior that her boyfriend gave her.

Describe your personal style.
I believe my personal style is the sum of all the elements I like from each decade. From the 40s I chose the skirt length, from the 50s the tight and toned waist, the red lipstick, the hair. From the 60s the peter pan collar and the mod dresses, the 70s are all about the playsuits and the sunglasses. From the 80s I chose the high socks, the fluo colors and the tights… and from the 90s I pick the plaid shirts and the Bagger boots.

Who are your favorite designers?
Oliver Theyskens, Bottega Venetta and I am also in love with upcoming Australian designers – I can’t remember their names but I have seen some amazing pieces on the latest Australian Fashion Week, mostly through the blogs.

Which fashion blogs do you follow?
Jak & Jill, Chic Muse, Fashion Toast, Garance Dore, I’m so Addicted, Fashion Architect, Battered Couture, Filep Motwary, MissAthenes.

Who are your style icons?
Architecture books, fashion blogs and music.

What is your most recent purchase?
A long, straight Acne dress in peach pink –  I am wearing it at my brother’s wedding this Friday in Crete!

Which beauty products do you recommend?
I swear by EOBUS blue soap for facial care. Also hydration lotion by Laroche-Posay with SPF. Oh, and the NUXE oil that isrehydrating everything! From skin, to body, even your hair! The make-up products I usually use are by MAC. I am in love with Ruby Woo, MAC’s red lipstick!

What is the best thing about your job?
The interviews, the fact that I get to meet artist, the concerts and the trips I get to go when I have to cover events that take place in other countries. I have had drinks with Kid Rock, I was once trapped in an elevator with Katy Perry’s band. Oh! And once I got locked out of my hotel room and I asked the Killers to help me! Also, I could never forget my first day at work, which was the MTV day, and I got to interview REM! In front of 70.000 people! Live! Broadcasting on 4 countries!

Which 5 things you cannot live without?
Sleep, friends, milk, music and sunscreen.

Are there any fashion no-no’s for you?
Sandals with socks, lime green, clogs and licra.

Do you have any fashion guilty pleasures?
Black, mini skirts and high heels.

Do you have any items in your closet that are not yours, but you find yourself wearing constantly?
My boyfriend’s jeans!

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