I am pretty sure that if I skipped the interview in this particular imatioθiki session, you would all think I took pictures of a model in her amazing apartment, wearing her amazing jewellery and clothes. But Nefeli is an architect and a fashion and accessories designer and all that come in her super stunning looks. A restless spirit, always in the process of re-inventing herself and always getting involved in creative practices, she launched her brand Nefelia less than a year now, and so far she has seen her designs take part in shows, art performances in Japan and win second place at Triumph’s annual competition. It is with great pleasure that I present fellow architect and much promising fashion designer Nefeli in her apartment in Kerameikos.

Tell me a little bit about how you became a fashion and accessories designer.
I studied architecture is Glaskow, because I loved designing, drawing and painting. My father is an engineer and my two older brothers chose separate  ways concerning their jobs, so all the family was putting their hopes on me to continue me dad’s job. After Glaskow, I spend about e years in Brighton continuing my studies. The best thing about studying architecture was that, especially in my first years at University, you had the chance to collaborate with different artists and learn from their methods and practices. I was immediately attached to the fashion school and tried implementing their principles in architecture. After my studies abroad, I came back to Greece, did some jobs here and there, when about 6 years ago I designed the building I am living in. But I never forgot my love for fashion, so I enrolled at AKTO to study fashion design. I still work as an architect, but it was one day that I got invited to a friend’s party that I decided to design something for her instead of buying something ready-made. I designed this abstract collar, which I liked so much I decided to keep it! Everyone loved it, I made some more and, well, now I have my own brand, Nefelia.

How would you describe your first collection?
I’ve called it Gattaca. I guess it is more structured. Architecture has influence me a lot regarding the way I design. I think I have a love for strict lines. That’s why I decided to name my brand Nefelia. So as to have a balance between the name and the design. The name is more light, airy and the designs are more structured and detailed.

What kind of materials do you normally use?
Mostly industrial materials. A lot of plastic and crews and materials that are normally used as floor finishing.

Could you describe the process of making a neckpiece for me?
Usually I design it, then I make the pattern on my materials. I manufacture them myself and so far I haven’t made the same thing twice. Each piece is unique.

Hardest part about your job would be…?
Marketing and PR. I have to do it on my own and it is so hard. I’d rather just stick to the designing and have someone else do the marketing for me. My friend Mara is helping me at that so far.

You are in the process of designing your first fashion collection. What will that include of?
I think it will be like my accessories. Statement pieces, not so every-day stuff. I love it that clothes can become theatrical and you can become wonder woman just by wearing them! I think I will try participating in some competitions I have in mind and then I will tone down a bit my designs, to make them more casual, for daily use.

What do you love about Athens?
The sun… oh I don’t know. I should move out of this country for about a year and then it would be proper to answer this question. I am too spoiled with all its beauty now, to even think about it. But you know, I love my friends, the view I get from my apartment, driving by the sea, which my friends and I call Athens Riviera for fun, downtown….

What do you hate about Athens?
The dirt. The bad condition of the sidewalks. The attitude some people have. The fact that we are going through hard times and the prices are not going down at all.

Which building would be your favorite in this town.
The Hilton. And all the post-war buildings in Kolonaki.

A few comments on the things pictured above: Nefeli gets the best view from her place. That includes the Acropolis, Gkazi and Kerameikos Square. / The pattern on her nails is a sticker bought on a recent trip to Japan. / Nefelia comes in the coolest packaging you have ever seen. Well, you see it in the picture above. / The chandelier was made by her using old pumps turned red. / Nefeli’s personal signature style always includes tights. She has a huge collection of tights. The ones with the buttons were made by her. / The origami skirt and black trousers are also designed by her.

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