I had actually seen Niki on a picture sometime at some place and it was a few months later, that I actually realised the girl in the picture is the voice of Wise Lines. Talented, creative and really grounded Niki, posed for imatioθiki in her sunny apartment in Pagrati, just days before her concert at 6 d.o.g.s.

How did you join Wise Lines?
I have always been involved in music. I have attended music schools and classes ever since I was a little girl. But I was mostly the piano – loving girl, or the jazz fan. Pop or electronic music was something outside from what I usually got involved in. But it turns out I really love it and I enjoy it a lot. As for the band, I started doing some demos and after a while I was a part of Wise Lines.

I saw some pictures of you with your hair shaved! How did that happen?
It was an accident, really. It has happened twice actually. I have been wearing my hair short since I was 18, and I really wanted to try something out myself, so I grabbed my dad’s shaving machine and I did something really stupid to my hair. So, I shaved it.

You have an upcoming concert in Athens. What are you planning on wearing? Do you plan your outfits ahead?
My talented friend Ioanna Daniel is designing all my outfits for my concerts. I really loved this white dress she made for me for a concert we gave back in January. It was a short white dress with this construction of feathers at the neck. I loved it. As for this concert… it’s a surprise.

You are also studying International and European Studies apart from singing. What are your plans and hopes for the future?
I truly love music. And if it goes well, I would love to dedicate my future to it. But I am on the verge, you know? I am also finishing with my studies, and at the same time I feel I am going through the most creative phase of my life, so…. we’ll see.

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