I’ve actually known Sathis the past 10 years, but I have never really had a real conversation with him. After all, it’s hard to see him stand in one place long enough to start talking. I have seen him in Patras, in Athens, I even think I saw him in Barcelona once, and I certainly saw him this summer around the islands. And he always finds the best places to go, and I believe if Athens had just one citizen, Stathis should be him. I am sure he knows the city like the back of his palm. So I thought I would ask him to pose for imatiothiki. But unlike everybody else, I believe Stathi’s personal space is actually the public space. And different outfits don’t really matter. This is Stathis – Alexandros, on a small walk around Athens and Akropolis, one of his favorite places in the city, hours before some very strict laws are about to be put upon the country’s people.

Where do you live?
Nea Smyrni.

You are currently a PhD candidate.
Yes, I studied architecture. I then went to NTUA and started attending the classes at their Masters program. After a year, I liked it, applied for it and got my masters. Then I moved to France. I started my PhD there, on architecture and philosophy. But the recession came and I had no more money to spend, so I transferred my studies at the NTUA.

Did you like Paris? Was it easy with French and all?
It was ok. It’s a bit more beautiful than Athens. But it was ok.

Which is your favorite part in the city?
Around Syndagma Square. Kolokotroni Street, Karitsi Square and Plaka.

You walk around a lot. And everybody knows your face. But do you know their faces as well?
Yes, I remember almost everyone I see. I have a hard time remembering names, but I remember the faces I come across every night.

Is it fascinating? Your walks around town.
It is and it’s not. I just see the same people over and over again.

How many back-packs do you own?
Three. But I need to buy a new one.

And what do you carry in them?
Some personal things. The point is I don’t like carrying stuff on me, so I always have my back pack.

What would you change in this city?
The way they deal with art. The art crowd is a very small group of people and you only see them at exhibitions and happenings. But there are so many that make art. It’s just that there is no foundation for young artists to really show their work.

But do you think it is also because people don’t really appreciate art here in Greece? Or understand it for that matter?
Yes, it’s all about the education you’ve been getting.

Apart from being an architect, you are also an artist.
Yes. I mosltly do collages and paintings. I am now participating in an exhibition at CAMP called Anti-culture.

Which form of art do you find more popular?
I don’t know. And I don’t care about the popularity of art, or my art. But maybe it’s the movies.

Which buildings do you like the most in Athens?
All the buildings in Plaka. Everything Tschiller has designed. Anything simple.

And which do you like the least.
There’s so many.

Your PhD is about interpreting architecture through philosophy?
Yes and also about making new suggestions and forming new ideas on architecture based on philosophy. My main concern is how we approach nature and how one can learn from nature’s procedures and self-sufficiency and how we can adapt this into architecture vocabulary.

A few comments on our walk:
Stathis is really active and it was sometimes hard keeping up with him in his walking and climbing around. / He wanted to become an architect since forever. But the things he designs now are not what he had in mind. / The things and places shown in the pictures above are places he liked and wanted his picture taken. Especially the light bulbs. He loved how they looked. / Some say that Stathis is everywhere. But maybe they are everywhere too.

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