This is the second imatiothiki session I am having outside of Athens, and that is the first reason I am so excited about shooting Stelina in Thessaloniki, Greece. Truth be told, Stelina of Lorelai’s Things, is not only passionate about graphic design, is not only unique in her style, but she is also really sweet and friendly, which makes me want to get back on a plane and chat with her a little longer and walk around her beautiful city and take pictures of the patterns on her clothes. Here she is, Stellina, with an amazing blog at hand, a brain full of bright ideas, and a kindness that is hard not to notice.

How did you come up with your blog’s name and how did you get started?
I was a big fan of the Gilmore Girls, and I kind of related myself to the character of the girl starring in that series, Lorelai. Initially I would recommend small shops I would find online to other people, and then slowly the clothes came in.

So, do you consider your blog to be a fashion blog?
No, not really. I am not that into trends. I mean, I don’t watch the latest catwalks to get inspiration. I find street style much more inspiring.

A lot of bloggers are based in Thessaloniki, do you all know each other?
When I started my blog, I started searching online for other blogs as well. So I discovered that there are a lot of us in Thessaloniki. We all decided to go out and meet up, and I have made some very good friends from blogging! From Athens as well. Athena Koutromanos is a really good friend of mine and her blog is simply amazing!

How do you see your blog being developed?
First of all, I had no idea it could go so well! But I really have no idea what will happen in the future. So far, I won’t get stressed over posting something like every week. If there is something I need to share, I will blog about it, but I won’t keep a tight schedule.

Where do you mostly do your shopping?
I mostly shop at the classics…. ZARA, etc. I buy a lot of accessories online and I get a lot of my clothes from the local shops here in Thessaloniki.

When did you start going after vintage clothes?
I have always been attracted to other decades’ fashion. I see clothes and dressing up like a costume. I can be totally 80’s kitsch one day and the next dress like a girl that has just come out of a cabaret. I get a lot of good finds at local vintage stores, and my mom’s closet.

How did you decide to become a graphic designer?
I think I’ve always wanted to be a graphic designer, I just didn’t know it until the last couple of years. When I was young I was fascinated by posters. I would look at them in awe. After moving to Thessaloniki, I studied Economics. When that was over, I enrolled to a graphic design school and I am really excited about it.

Which blogs do you recommend? Tell me some that you find amazing, with no particular reason, or perhaps some blogs that you think are really well set and put together.
Christina’s Where the Wild Roses Grow. I am really into Australian blogs, they are doing a great job and their design is really something worth looking at. I am a fanatic of the Sartorialist, Athena Koutromano’s xxxx, Veronica’s Blame it on the Boogie, Alexander’s Obsession in Vogue which is pure fashion and Ioanna’s Stuck in a Dumdays. Oh and also Beautiful Mess and the Dying Swans – their pictures are brilliant!

What do you consider distasteful fashion-wise?
Something that doesn’t flatter your body type I guess. I don’t think you can say something is distasteful, as long as you can pull the look off nicely.

Where do you spend most of your money?
On accessories. And dresses!

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
Oh, from everything and everywhere…. a poster can inspire me, music, a film, a picture of Joan Jelly.

Do you consider anyone to be a trend setter or a fashion icon?
Definitely the girl who stared in 50 days of summer. Also Chloe Sevigni, Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, Vivienne Westwood, Debbie Harrie… as you can see I like a variety of different styles!

Which song do you listen to the most the last few days?
Generally I listen to all kinds of music, but I would say I listen to Morrisey’s You have killed me a lot these days.

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