The day I met Eua, owner of Been There Done That, she immediately told me about her friend, Stephanie, who works as a fashion manager and does all the PR marketing for MASTER S.A. , plus she has an amazing apartment and an amazing sense of style. She said we had to arrange something, and I feel lucky we did! Stephanie is a super energetic person, who made me have so much fun shooting her. Together with Eua, they managed to make this imatioθiki a trip along the decades of true style. 70s glam, 80s madonna kitch and 90s grunge make Stephanie not only inspiring, but also a girl who can pull anything off, just because she has the guts, the looks and the attitude. A cyclist enthusiast and a wake boarder, Stephanie knows how to dress for the occasion and puts fashion chameleon into a whole new level. Here she is parading gracefully through fashion eras in her apartment in Agia Paraskeui.

Describe your personal style.
Retro-gressive (retro and progressive).

What inspires you, when it comes to fashion?
Mostly other decades, the 70s, the 80s and the 90s. People on street also – they can really style it up.

Where do you get the latest news from?
Blogs mostly. I love Been There Done That, High Snobiety and Le Blog De Betty. These are the ones I log on to every day.

Do you find any person really inspiring and stylish?
That would have to be Gwen Stefani. I love her sense of style and how she wears her hair.

What about Greeks? Do you think we lack of style?
Pretty much. I think people here in Greece don’t dare as much as in other countries. Maybe because there is always the fear of someone looking at you like you are totally strange and for outer space.

Are there any Greek women you admire for their taste in fashion?

You work as a PR Manager at MASTER S.A. What is the best thing about your job?
The atmosphere, the friendly environment and the people I work with! Also, I am very lucky to be working at something I really enjoy. Most people don’t necessarily work at what they love.

Where do you mostly do your shopping?
The usual, h&m, pull&bear, melcore, zara… I go to Fresh Line a lot, I am a soap junkie! Oh and I love stores that are all about papers and note-books and amazing pens and pencils. Like Muji (please bring Muji to Greece) and Paperchase. I also do a lot of online shopping from and amazon.

You seem to be really influenced by music on the way you dress.
Yes that’s right. Bands like No Doubt, Blondie, Madonna in the 80s, Fun Lovin Criminals and Cindy Lauper have inspired me a lot. But I guess my favorite bands would be Incubus and Staind.

Your apartment is quite different from your personal style.
Well, when I was younger, I was really into this pop-culture all over my walls and my place. But now I need more relaxing tones and colors when I step into my place. My clothes are edgy, but my apartment is neutral.

What is the best thing about living in Athens?
Definitely the people. They have this warmth and kindness to them. I guess because of all the things that are going on right now with the economy and everything, people need to communicate with each other and I think they have changed a lot during the past couple of years. I also love all the gatherings that are taking place all over the city. People don’t go out as much, and friends just gather at their places to enjoy talks and good food.

What is the worst thing about living in Athens?
The fact that it has become quite dangerous. My car has been broken twice and I had friends who got attacked and robbed while walking on the street. I don’t feel free as much any more, I have to think twice which route I am going to follow to get where I am going, so as to be safe.

Which is your favorite place in Athens?
Sydagma. I visit the bars and cafes in this area a lot.

You are the owner of two bikes. How did that happen?
Well I decided to buy my first after a trip in the States. I made up my mind to work out a little, so the bike seemed like a good idea. Then I bought the smaller one, in order to ride the metro. So now I have two. The funny thing is that the smaller one is what brought me and my boyfriend together in the first place. I had taken it with me on holidays, but barely used it. As I was swimming, I had parked my bike at a friend’s surf hut. My boyfriend saw it – a small city bike on a beach – and immediately wanted to meet the owner. That’s our love story! My folding city bike!

If you could make a wish for 2012 what would it be?
More smiles. That’s what I would wish for. Many many more smiles.

A few comments on the things pictured above:
Stephanie wants to do part-time wedding planning. She is now in the process of organising her best friend’s wedding. Her best friend is Japanese and she will get married on the island of Ios. /
Eua from Been There Done That along with Stephanie did the styling for the photo – shoot. /
The small case pictured in 3 stills above is Stephanie’s grandmother’s beauty case. It is a mirror, a lipstick and powder, all in this compact case. /
The handbags pictured in all the pictures belong to Stephanie’s grandmother. / MASTER S.A. kindly lend us some key pieces to complete the looks. /
The white Madonna dress is vintage and was not as white when Stephanie bought it. She took really good care of it and hates the fact that she cannot wear it as much as she wants to. /

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