Thaleia is the first imatiothiki session I am having, without personally knowing the person I will be shooting. And as it turns out, it was better than I could have ever imagined! Trully friendly and compassionate, Thaleia was full of smiles and a good mood to try all her super stylish clothes, collected from online shopping, or swapped… or even from her grandmother! She is the only fashion blogger (although her blog is more about her personality…. which happens to involve fashion) that was able to pull off a project that required her not to shop anything for one whole year! Along with friends Viviana Miliaresi and Sandra OdetteKypriotaki, she co-founded the Swap Not Shop team, which is responsible for all those amazing finds and gracious giving away, but apart from that, Thaleia is the brains behind the brilliant Tag Your Closet. Seven years in London, a major in Art History and a working experience at Saatchi Gallery, made her see fashion in a whole new perspective. I hope you enjoy Thaleia’s imatiothkiki, as much as I did! Cleo and Tsita Founda, her two cats, also joined us for the shooting.

Describe your personal style.
Well, I have no personal style… No, I mean, I am a mood person. One day I feel like being all retro, so I put on my red lipstick, my vintage floral dresses and that will do it for the day. But maybe the next I am all dressy, and the next I am pulling off a totally minimal style or a super comfortable one. I am all about comfort, its the number one rule when dressing up! When you have that, add a smart twist, like a really shiny colorful pin that makes the whole outfit different… that twist is my fashion revolution!

Do you have any fashion no-nos?
White boots. Shoes that are made out of jeans fabric… Jeans on jeans. Sandals with glittery ornaments and stones on them (they are so the ones that people wear, when going to bouzoukia here in Greece). Oh, and too much make-up. I hate it when girls wear too much eye-shadow and also color their lips boldly – it’s just too much! As for the hair, I am not at all into highlights or extensions….

How about fashion icons?
I think the British scene of the 00’s is what inspired me the most. I was living in London at the time, and the whole idea of the ballerinas, the skinny jeans, the hippy chic became really appealing to me. I guess fashion blogs are also my icons. Mainly, theSartorialist, Yvan Rodric, the Selby… . And of course magazines. Vogue UK and Vogue France mostly. I have tons of old issues stored in my house. Its really common for me to just pick an issue that dates back even 10 years and find inspiration there.

How did your studies in Art History affect your fashion sense?
I guess it made me more open-minded, more accepting and creative. It made become the person that never buys a simple blue T-shirts, just because it might come in handy. I go for the eccentric pieces.

Tell me about the Swap Not Shop Project.
It all started in September 2009. Viviana, Sandra and I threw our first SNS party on a roof top in Petralona, and there were only 50 of us! The rule was and still is to bring whatever you don’t need, as long as it’s clean. And the things you bring don’t have to match the things you get. You can get either more, or less. Whatever you find and you like, you can also take. The last SNS party was thrown this May at 6dogs. We had 700 people come over! That was a huge success! And the things that get left behind eachparty, are given to charity.

What was the best thing you got from a Swap Not Shop party?
Oh, this pair of Christian Louboutin booties! I remember talking to a girl and eyeing the beige booties and I thought to myself: Great! Just the color I needed! And I pick them up and the moment I do, I sense that a group of people have gathered around me, watching me breathless to see if I will put the shoes down. So, I casually turn to take a look at the shoes and see the red sole! They are a size bigger than what I usually wear, but I have found a shoe repair guy, that will fix them for me! Another interesting story from one of those parties, was a lady, who once came to me and gave me a ring that pictures an Imaret. She said she had it and thought of me, so she came all the way to the party’s venue, just to give me her ring!

And what about the Not Shop project?
It all started when I realised, I don’t need new clothes to be stylish! It is all about using the clothes you already have and being creative with combinations. Once, during this project I was at a kid’s store, shopping for a friend’s baby and a lady came up to me and asked me if I was Thaleia. She told me she and her husband were watching my project and thought it was a really brave and interesting idea! She also warned me not to buy anything for myself…

Do you have anything in your closet that you wear often, but it’s not yours?
I am not really wearing something constantly… I go through phases… I guess though I always wear my mother’s rings. She has so many!

Where do you usually do your shopping from?
Anywhere… But I also do a lot of online shopping. Asos, Amazon, Net A Porter and Vintage Shops are my best portals for finding good pieces!

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