I met Vasiliki Babi while shooting an editorial for OZON magazine and I was immediately impressed by her pink hair and sense of style. I had to take a picture of her and discover what’s in her closet. Honestly, I think Vasili has an excquisite sense of style and I was shocked to find out she mostly buys what she doesn’t like and then just finds a way to transform it into something she loves. That’s something to think about! Here she is, with blond, blue and black hair, with lots of great ideas in her head, a very strong portfolio and about to move to her favorite city in the whole world, Milano.

You are a beauty look maker and you have spend years studying and working in Milan and Greece. What exactly have you studied and what is it that you mostly do professionally?
I have studied chromatology, image consulting, hair & make up, styling and visual. But usually I work as a makeup artist. It’s what I love the most. I specialize in faces, models and aerographic makeup.

Which type of women do you prefer to work with?
I usually work with models, but it’s the really thin and androgyny ones I prefer to collaborate with. I know it might sound strange, but it’s that type of women than can really be transformed and come out better in pictures. I don’t like the Barbie, playboy type of women, because they leave you with very little possibilities, you know?

You’ve worked at fashion shows in Milan. How was that? Did you get any free clothes?
It was a great experience! But it can be really stressful. The number of models available for the shows is very little, so sometimes the girl that’s supposed to come out first arrives for hair and makeup just a couple of hours before the show starts. And she arrives from a previous show, with a fixed hairdo and different makeup and you have to be patient and not freak out, otherwise you won’t get her ready on time. Clothes? No… nobody gets clothes for free during the shows, sometimes you have the occasional theft by models, but no one hands it out to you.

You lived for quite some time in Milan and intend to get back to this beautiful city as soon as possible. What is so great about it?
It’s small. You can walk it out in just one day. And eventually you get to know everyone living in Milan. That’s what’s so great about it. Also, I believe the most fashionable and stylish people on earth live in Milano. You only see girls in heels, riding their bikes around town. Even when it’s raining, they will be wearing their rubber boots until they reach the office and the minute they step in there, they are putting their heels on, so as not to spoil their outfit. Isn’t that amazing? And the guys are always, always wearing shirts….

And Greeks? Are they stylish too?
We are getting there…. Slowly, but we are. I hate it that we are so into advertising what brand it is that we are wearing. You never see that in other cities. Here, if you are wearing D&G or LV it has to be all over your shirt or bag, in case someone misses it.

What would be the best products you have ever used as a makeup artist?
Estee Lauder makes the best foundation I have ever used. As for lipstick I would recommend Mac’s lip liners. I know if you use it instead of regular lipstick, you lips will bet all dry, but it stays in its place all night.

What would be your dreams for the coming years?
I wish to join an agency and travel as much as I can while working. But I wouldn’t mind ending up with a café for women, where we could all girls hang out and just watch fashion shows all day long!

A few comments on the things pictured above: Vasiliki’s friends call her Silia. It’s because Vasiliki Babi is hard to remember that she chose it as her business name, so that people would never mix her up with anyone else. / Vasilki’s wigs are all trimmed by her. / She loves buying shoes. Most of them she never wears, but that’s ok. / Her hair has gone through major changes. She has even shaved her head once. / The egg ring was given to her by her beau as a sign of love. / Vasiliki is a huge fan of creepers. 

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