I think it’s mandatory to be so late on my Motherhood series posting, because that is the core of Motherhood. Having zero time on doing anything – even the basics. Expectant moms, there will soon be a guide on a glimpse of your life in an upcoming article, where you will discover that having a baby takes you to a world where time and actually getting stuff done has a whole new level of difficulty – yet you don’t really care any more.
This week I am so happy to share Kate’s thoughts on Motherhood. Katerina is actually an Instagram friend of mine, even though I know all her family through our church, I have yet to meet her in person because she lives in Belgium. But as my Instagram friend, I have found comfort and laughter in our virtual conversations and hight fives on our minor achievements and enormous patience as mothers. I love her honesty and wisdom and hope you enjoy her interview as well 🙂 Also, if you are looking for more words of wisdom and great style may I say head over to her Instagram account.

How did you find out you were pregnant?
We had been trying for over 7 years with my husband to have a baby and even went through hormonal treatment and stuff for almost two years. I was not really into having a kid, I just didn’t like the fact that I had a health issue. Long story short, I stopped all medication and calculating my cycle like crazy. One year later I went to my gynecologist to tell her that I had probably made a mistake and took some strong pills for my skin that changed my hormones and thus my cycle AGAIN. She almost yelled at me and started an exam, only to laugh and tell me “You are pregnant Katerina…and that looked like a big baby”…After further exams she told me that I am the only woman who had been trying for so long and didn’t figure out she was 3 months pregnant. First trimester was so easy I didn’t have a clue my baby was actually there!
What did you not expect when you were expecting?
I could not believe the opinions of people, my desperate need for pasta and the fact that I could do my toes, my laces, jump and dance throughout my whole pregnancy!

What would be the most surprising thing about having a kid?
Nothing about the kid. Everything about the competition between mothers. And I do not mean harmless, good-will advise. I mean some serious comparison and looks and judging even from those older than me. We need to chill, ladies.

Has the way you see your body changed since becoming a mom?
Oh my! I was that person who would eat and never gain weight and exercise and gain muscle within two weeks. It was all so easy so I never had to worry about it. Ever since I gave birth I have such a hard time to accept how easily everything goes to the wrong places. And that tummy!!!RGGGHH….BUT the good part is that  I find my body much more feminine now.

Motherhood is a life transfo

rming experience, no doubt about that. How has it affected you?
I am less self-centered. I think that the greatest form of love is not the emotional but the intentional one. A kid that wakes up at 6.30 in the morning brings no good emotion, but you want them to have a good life so you will just choose to smile and pretend you are not tired. Or you will pretend you like the playground…when in fact all you like is seeing them laugh. You see things the way they should be and if you are smart enough you use this as an asset for your relationship with your spouse, as well. You reconsider everything. So yeah, being my son’s mum has made me think less of the importance of a feeling and more of the intention of one’s love.Name five products you swear by for newborns.
What are you talking about? All they need is a breast or a good pacifier. I need five good products! Jokes aside, I think MUM dummies are the best. I used bee wax(from local beehives-not the one from the market) for any skin redness, I loved electronic thermometers that detect the temperature without any skin contact(no need to wake them up), olive oil for the cradle cap and I didn’t go anywhere without my huge breastfeeding pillow ( it would keep my back straight- I don’t like the small ones).

Did your career change since becoming a mom?
I chose to stop working and dedicate myself to my son and all the ones to come. I am surprised to see with how much less I c

an live. I have gained a greater skill of planning(from meals to exits). I am well aware that this lifestyle sounds boring or less fun but any routine is boring unless we see the importance of what we do. I quit my job and started investing in my family instead. I am one of those crazy moms who will also homeschool for as long as my sanity allows me to.

How do you treat yourself to ‘me’ time?
My son goes to bed three hours before my husband and I, giving us enough time for each other and a movie or a book. I take my shower right after my son sleeps and apply all my good smelling lotions and do no more housework. NADA!
If you could advise another mother just one thing, what would that be?
Dads matter. Our instinct tells us we know better cause we carried our babies in our bellies, but if you are blessed with a good dad, you must know that these guys carried the babies in their brains and they have a word if we just let them. Another tip is that I go out with friends that do not have kids- younger than me or not- and try to participate in their conversations WITHOUT STARTING ONE ABOUT MY SON. This is something I find extremely refreshing and important.

Name five books your child loves.
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell , Little blue truck by Alice Schertle, A squash and a squeeze by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Things that Go– by Stephan Lomp(the indestructibles series) and My first 100 words by Felicity Brooks translated in Greek. 

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