Hi and welcome to a new series called On Motherhood…
Here, you’ll be seeing a lot of  new moms and how having offspring changed themselves and their lives, plus some tips and recommended products they swear by.
I am so happy to have Stella of Apeiranthos. Natural Skincare be the first mom to get interviewed for this column and, to be honest, I was really looking forward to her take on motherhood, since she runs a business that produces completely natural and chemical free products.

How did you find out you were pregnant?
The truth is that we had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time. But when we took it off our minds it came uexpectedly! I had been feeling tired for a long time when we finally found out that I was expecting! I remember calling Apostolos in the bathroom to get a second opinion!

What did you not expect when you were expecting?
My pregnancy was quite difficult with lots of headaches and nausea for about 4 months. And then the hours of pain trying to get him here. I thought it was all unbearable.

What would be the most surprising thing about having a kid?
The most surprising thing is the lack of sleep you are able to handle. The calmness you show during tantrums. An of course the endless, unlimited love you give and take.

Has the way you see your body changed since becoming a mom?
Yes, it has changed. Although I lost all the weight I had gained, my huge belly left me with stretch marks that now as the time goes by, and after 2,5 years I am learning to accept. It’s really hard to appreciate your postpartum body. Women are truly amazing and we should never doubt our strength and power.

Motherhood is a life transforming experience, no doubt about that. How has it affected you?Motherhood is a life changing experience indeed. It made me even more sensitive but so capable and confident to deal with anything!

Name five products you swear by for newborns.
Our very very first cream, Chamomile and calendula cream, suitable for babies, toddlers and everyone!
The shampoo of this truly amazing woman.
This all natural, 4-ingredient sunscreen for the whole family.
The softest swaddles by A house of Myrtle.

Did your career change since becoming a mom?
The career itself hasn’t changed. That is to say, I feel more tired and sometimes guilty for the time I don’t spend playing with him. But, getting back to work almost immediately was something I really wanted!

How do you treat yourself to ‘me’ time?
I get a massage quite often and I have a five minute gua sha routine every night.

If you could advise another mother just one thing, what would that be?
Expectant mothers should make it a priority to find good prenatal physical training. It’s more necessary than they think. From teaching you how to move with a heavy belly to teaching you how to breath and push when the time comes. It’s worth it.

Name five books your child loves.
Ο Ρένος και η τζαζ/ Ο Αρκούδος, το Πιάνο, ο Σκύλος και το Βιολί/ Μια τίγρη στον κήπο/ Ο Νόι και η φάλαινα/ an old encyclopedia about space.

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