The past couple of weeks have been quite a challenge. First, we had Naomi’s birthday and I had absolutely zero idea on what it means to plan a child’s birthday party, let alone bake a cake and other goods for the guests. Then, both girls got vaccinated which made Dimitra feverish and Naomi a bit grumpy and after that all female population of our house got sick. So even if it is almost summer, I have a sore throat, a runny nose and two sick babies to tend to.

Which is why I chose to take some much needed Internet holidays. You could say it’s my new hobby, a mixture of decorating ideas (my Pinterest feed seems to only serve me with either Scandinavian bathrooms and grey linen bedrooms or Carrara marble countertops) and fomo remedy (my Instagram feed is starting to get sandy, beach and with a lot of look-a-like leather sandals).

First stop is Serifos. Why? Well because it is the most beautiful island Greece has to offer for two reasons: first its wild beauty and second its defiance to keep up with the touristy -fever that transforms all islands into Myconos mutants.

The land of Cyclopas and Medea, my father’s family and my childhood summer memories – four kids, my mom, my aunt, my grandma and a chemical toilet into 15m2. No hot water, a solar shower bag and running up and down the Chora stairs to get some fresh water. It was the best of times I tell you.

I was more than happy to find so many beautiful houses in my homeland. Some of them are so simple, because that’s what Serifos is all about – stripping off everything and standing in awe of the beauty and strength of nature, some of them include the outdoors in the everyday activities (aka outdoor kitchens and dining rooms), and some are just plain beautiful.

Please enjoy the first of many Airbnb Tourism series to come.

  1. Idyllic House 
  2. Kalo Ambeli
  3. Bufo: Serifians
  4. Villa Lia Paralia
  5. Keli Cottage

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