Taking a break from all the mom groups on social media, I came across this little gem. Boy, were moms stylish back in the day. My constant struggle is what to wear when taking the girls to the playground: comfortable, breezy because there will be a lot of running (or chasing) involved, not too revealing because of all the ducking and picking up stuff (or kids) from the floor, not too fancy because it is most likely to get stained for life, albeit somehow fashionable.
But these moms… well these moms are fearless, unapologetic and kind of bad ass may I say? Also they are smoking next to their babies, which is a big no no, but look at that swimsuit!
On a side note: why did people ever stop making round beds? And why did they even design them in the first place?
Here is the link to Old School Moms Instagram Account for your own entertainment and inspiration.

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