It was the summer of 2011 and I desperately wanted to do something to fill my head and my schedule. Back then, I had a broken heart and loads of free time. I was very into blogging, with my photography blog and a cooking blog for my sweet tooth, but felt like I wanted to take my love for fashion and design online. Becoming a fashion blogger was not on my to-do list, plus I would rather dress someone up than pose for the camera myself. As for my love for design – well, I just felt like snooping around Athens’ apartments and see how I could indulge my thirst for interiors.

That’s how imatiothiki’s interviews started. Over the past few years I had the joy to meet so many cool and interesting people, to interact with creatives from Athens and Dubai, make lots of friends, give a live interview on TV, talk in a theatre full of people and have my work published on various sites and magazines. My website even got me jobs in design – I was so surprised to have my former boss tell me that they found my photography interesting, therefore would like me to join their design team.

It’s been quite a journey and what started out as a project of self-help, if you will, became something I deeply enjoyed, but put into pause the last year or so, as life has caught up with me and things have changed radically.

A change of country, Dubai’s fast pace and new reality, meeting my husband, work, moving back home, getting married to Vangelis and having our two beautiful daughters, Naomi and Dimitra, put everything into perspective, some things into pause, some things into fast forward and simply deleted others.

Like life, my interests and what I would like to share have evolved and changed. So will imatiothiki. Still, I deeply wish to communicate whatever now consists of my reality and inspiration, through the platform I have created, along with everyone I have photographed or met through imatiothiki’s community. I still have the need to meet and introduce to my readers people that inspire me, but I also feel the need to share more of me as well: more of the things I find interesting, more ideas and views. So, with a change in imatiothiki, I am hoping to better express and share with you all things new.

Imatiothiki will still be a site about creative and interesting people in their homes or workspaces, but it will also be a place where I can now share topics that are filling my head and my computer screen, such as design, family, motherhood, style, books and travels. I am hoping to start again a new journey through this website, and hopefully have some wonderful people hop on this platform and, together, form what lies ahead.

I am also open to your views. To anything you would like to submit – a story on parenting, tips from your latest trip, your thoughts and opinions. I would love to share some of my readers’ views and publish them, so please, do feel free to email me anything you would like to share with the rest of this community.

Sincerely, I hope you enjoy the changes and the next step this platform is taking us to.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you stick around.


  1. Karin Lekas Reply

    Whatever you touch becomes your story!
    I will look forward to your next journey!
    Love you Nileta ❤️

  2. Vivianouba Reply

    It was a real pleasure reading this! I wish you all the best for your (and ours too) new adventures!

  3. Συγχαρητηρια Νιλετα για την επιστροφη! Δεν εχανα κανενα post απο την imatiothiki, και εμπαινα στο site κατα καιρους για να δω αν εχεις ανεβασει κατι και σημερα ειδα την επιστροφη σου! Καλη νεα αρχη! συνεχισε να μας εμπνεεις! Να χαιρεσαι και να σε χαιρεται η οικογενεια σου!

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